A Spate of Poets


They’re everywhere – !
behind bushes, on benches,
under bridges, in the hedges,
eyes shining
too much.

   I’ll be the log
   in your fire place.
   Let our nostalgia
   be legendary.

They’re at the margins
of our outdoor cafes.
They’re throughout our parks
chirping and susurrating
about the oneness 
of god’s love and ours.

   Let our cheeks touch
   as we close-read menus.
   I grew a new taste-bud
   to share with you.

They sing under dumpsters
and stand in awe
on our prairies.
Birds perch on their
Outstretched arms.

   Let me take you
   to a language where
   the words EXPULSION, 
   will never exist.

Steve Elder is in charge of Tea Service at the University of Colorado Law Library.

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