Xavier Rudd and the United Nations

8 p.m. Tuesday, June 2, Chautauqua Auditorium, 900 Baseline Road, Boulder, 303-449-0120.

7 p.m. Wednesday June 3, eTown Hall, 1535 Spruce St., Boulder, 303-443-8696.

An activist at heart and multi-instrumentalist on stage, Australia’s Xavier Rudd has spent 2015 touring the world in support of his ninth studio album, Nanna. Rudd’s upbeat reggae stylings are mellow yet politically charged. As a featured supporter of The Nature Conservatory and in campaigns with groups like peta2 and EcoHearth, he has become a notable champion of environmentalist causes. Known for his use of a diverse array of instruments, including the guitar, didgeridoo, blues harp and a variety of percussive drums and bells, Rudd has constantly altered and evolved his musical style since his debut album To Let in 2002.

— Sam Routhier