Soweto Gospel Choir

7:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 11, Macky Auditorium, 1595 Pleasant St., Boulder, 303-492-8423.

Since its initial formation more than a decade ago, South Africa’s Soweto Gospel Choir has enchanted the world with their music. Composed of a 24-voice ensemble, the choir is heading to Macky Auditorium to sing some Christmas classics and African gospel. The singers are talented, the costumes are gorgeous and the music is full of emotion that dates back generations. “For me, I fell in love with these songs because of the connection to my great grandparents,” says Mulalo MuIovhedzi, the choir’s general manager. “So when I sing them, it’s really from the heart, and there’s a deep, deep connection, and I send that to the audience.”


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