Try this week: Lemon and squid ice cream, and more


Lemon and Squid Ink Ice Cream

Heifer and the Hen, 5290 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder,

The ice cream flavors at Heifer and the Hen are both crazy and crazy good. Take the lemon and squid ink. H and H’s signature style of ice cream — sturdy, slightly aerated and creamy — is imbued with the bright, sweet citrus of Meyer lemon and offset with the unique umami of squid ink. No doubt, the ink’s largest role is to turn the ice cream jet black, but it’s saltiness and touch of brine and seawater elevate the flavor into something unlike any other. The combination of sweet and sea flavors is, believe it or not, gaining traction, so the folks at Heifer and the Hen may be out ahead of something here. $4.

Smoked Pork Belly Tacos

Backcountry Pizza and Tap House, 2319 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder,

Pizza and beer understandably get the top billing at Backcountry, but their menu includes a hidden gem in smoked pork belly tacos. Slivers of unctuous, crispy and savory pork belly are topped with cabbage, onion, grape tomatoes, lime, cilantro, avocado and a perky crema. With such fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors, it feels both clean and indulgent — pork belly’ll do that. $10.

Country Waffles

Zolo Southwestern Grill, 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder,

Zolo’s become a popular brunch location due to its extensive menu of Southwestern takes on breakfast and lunch staples. Their country waffles are a prime example, marrying crispy and light waffles with diced ham, poblano chiles, pepper jack cheese, maple-pecan butter and a chile syrup. It piques the tongue’s interest while also being sure to satisfy the sweet tooth. The ham and cheese make the waffle substantial on their own, but you have the option to add blue-corn fried chicken. And if that’s not your bag, stop in and check out Zolo’s new Frito pie, loaded with tender elk and bison meat, cheese and sour cream. $12.25.

Original Açaí Bowl

Berriegood Co., 681 E. Louisiana Ave., Suite 102, Denver

We’re not exactly sure what makes certain foods “super,” but we certainly think anything made with açaí is, well, fantastic. Coined “Denver’s first açaí superfruit café,” Berriegood Co. in Wash Park has a plethora of superfruit options from pitaya bowls to kale, spinach and spirulina bowls to the always pleasant açaí bowls. We chose the original, because sometimes simple is best. The bowl is about two-thirds unsweetened açaí, banana, strawberries and soy milk blended into a perfect creamy texture. Hemp seed granola and fresh sliced banana is drizzled with honey to add just the right amount of crunch and sweetness. $8.99.

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