Try this week: Osaka’s Lunch @ Osaka’s


Boulder County’s food scene benefited when Osaka’s came in two years ago with its Japanese cuisine, unique burgers and flavor-forward menu. If you haven’t been, we recommend the handy to-go lunch offering, Osaka’s Lunch. You get two mini okonomiyaki, which are browned cabbage pancakes flavored with your choice of pork belly, scallion and shiso, beef or seafood. We went for the pork belly, and the umami is off the charts in each crispy bite. But the lunch doesn’t end there. You also get two takoyaki, which are flour and octopus balls topped with bonito flakes — again, more umami. Paired with a side salad with a punchy vinaigrette and a robust miso soup, this is better than any lunch you can pack in a brown bag.

Osaka’s. 2460 Canyon Boulevard, Suite 1, Boulder, 720-398-9115,

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