Try this week: Complete Crêpe @ Holy Crêpe!!


You could fuss with making crêpes at home, or wait until the next time you go up to one of the mountain towns, or Paris, to stop in at a crêpe shop. Or, you could track down the Holy Crêpe!! food truck the next time you’re craving the sweet — or savory— treat and have one locally. We did that recently, ordering both sweet and savory varieties. Though the sweet Classic crêpe was undeniably delicious (cinnamon, brown sugar and butter), it was the Complete crêpe that stole the show. With just ham, Swiss cheese and egg, this oversized crêpe proves, yet again, that simple is best. Creamy, savory, salty, the Complete is a textbook crêpe done right.

Holy Crêpe food truck. Mobile, Boulder County.