Porchetta Cuban @ Button Rock Bakery & Kenny Lou’s Deli


Kenny Lou’s Deli at Button Rock Bakery in Lafayette knows how to make a sandwich. For evidence, look no further than the porchetta Cuban. House-made porchetta — tender, roasted pork — is piled atop pork roll (kind of like fried bologna), bread and butter pickles, country Dijon mustard, all on an oversized, soft muffaletta roll. It’s a whopping sandwich, and it’s executed perfectly. The salty, savory meats are in balance with the piquant mustard and tangy-sweet pickles. The roll holds all this goodness with no trouble. In fact the only trouble you’ll have is deciding whether to follow your taste buds (and keep eating) or your stomach, which’ll be full a couple bites into the second half of the sandwich.   

Button Rock Bakery & Kenny Lou’s Deli. 400 W. South Boulder Road, Suite 2200, Lafayette, 303-926-1676, buttonrockbakery.com

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