Election Guide 2013: Yes on Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District Question 5B


Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District Ballot Question 5B
Term limits

Vote Yes

It’s a shame this same ballot measure failed in 2011. This question
asks if term limits should be abolished for members of the board of
directors for the Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District, which serves
Eldorado Springs, Marshall, Superior and large areas of unincorporated

In this case,
it’s about expertise. Nobody is getting rich off the government payroll
here; instead, after eight years they’re on their way out and a new
board member must become familiar with the district’s assets and needs.

There’s a natural
response among voters to approve of term limits and push back against
installing anyone, anywhere, for life. But in this case, a board member
willing to serve more terms means a better understanding of how to
protect homes and businesses from fire threats in the foothills.

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