Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court: Retain Justice Nathan B. Coats


Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court — Nathan B. Coats


Do not retain

Nathan B. Coats wasn’t an easy decision. Critics say Coats sometimes
seems to favor law enforcement, and he cast several votes we aren’t
happy with — like voting that CU-Boulder’s regents couldn’t keep
concealed weapons off campus and that Ward Churchill couldn’t have his
job back at CU. But we looked beyond particular opinions to endorse
based on judges’ fairness and respect for the law.

Colorado Office of Judicial Performance Evaluation says he has both
those things. And its survey results say 70 percent of attorneys and 94
percent of judges who know Coats recommended he be retained. Only one
judge out of 100 recommended against it.

can’t all be rock stars, but they all have to be at least adequate. So
we endorse retention for Coats, who is described in the COJPE survey
as fair, knowledgeable and thoughtful. Coats was appointed in 2000 by
Gov. Bill Owens and won a retention vote in 2002.

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