Colorado state representative District 13: Claire Levy (D)


State Representative

District 13

Adam Ochs

Claire Levy

Howard P. Lambert

It doesn’t help the success of your local campaign if you tell the
hometown newspapers that you don’t want their endorsement. This is
pretty much what Republican Adam Ochs did after ignoring emails and
being contacted by phone. When asked about endorsements, he told Boulder Weekly, “In
general, I find that they would be, not detrimental to the campaign,
but unhelpful.” To be honest, we probably wouldn’t have voted for Ochs
anyway, given the track record of legislative veteran Democrat Claire
Levy, who has served on the Joint Budget Committee and has notched
achievements related to solar energy, criminal sentencing reform, ballot
access, transit funding and education financing. Libertarian Howard
Lambert did not respond to our inquiries by press time.


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