Nederland Community Library District ballot

Vote 2009


Issues 5A and 5B

Vote Yes.

These two issues concern raising property taxes to pay for the construction and operation of a new 4,800-square-foot library for the town of Nederland. If passed, Issue 5A would raise taxes by $129,000 annually beginning in 2011, with an increase to the current mill levy assessed by the district, to fund the operation of the new library. Issue 5B would authorize the district to raise taxes by up to $160,000 annually and issue a new mill levy to pay off a debt of $1.9 million (up to $3.95 million in actual repayment costs) that would be incurred by the construction of the new library facility. Proponents of the measures argue that the community has outgrown its current library, which is housed in 1,800 square feet in a shopping center. They say the current library has a limited collection of books and other resources for a town of Nederland’s size, and only has six public computers, which is not enough to meet demand. Opponents say that with the economic downturn the time may not be right to significantly increase property taxes, especially for those who are out of work or who are on fixed incomes. Proponents say the additional cost for a $250,000 home, on average, would be about $11.50 a month, while opponents say the costs could be higher. The community has been planning for the new library for years, and the project is supported by the Board of Trustees of the town, which in 2008 vacated an unused street west of the roundabout between 2nd and 3rd streets to help provide land for the facility, which would sit primarily on a parcel purchased by the Nederland Community Library Foundation.

Yes, times are tough, but a project like this provides jobs. It also creates a community resource that benefits everyone.

No one likes to pay additional property taxes or taxes of any kind. But a library is one of those amenities that every growing town or city needs to ensure that people’s minds continue to grow, as well. Vote YES on Nederland Ballot Issues 5A and 5B.

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