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Thursday, July 16,2015

Canary of the West

By Joel Dyer
Out here in the West, the sage-grouse is our canary and its well-documented demise is a warning that we better act fast if our beloved way of life is to avoid the same fate.
Thursday, May 7,2015

Smart Track? We’re not that stupid

By Joel Dyer
What does Smart Track have in common with the Brooklyn Bridge? They both get sold to suckers. First off, I apologize for writing this column. I really do. I feel guilty because writing this insinuates that I think there are people out there capable of reading this paper, voting or even reciting most of the alphabet who don’t already know that Smart Track and Fast Track are really the same thing.
Thursday, April 30,2015

Development reality check

By Joel Dyer
I can’t remember how many times I’ve started off a column or news story with my favorite Harry S. Truman quote, but it’s happened a lot. There is just something about the short memory of Boulder County politicians and some residents that seems to keep it relevant.
Thursday, April 2,2015

It’s past time for Polis to decide on fast track for TPP

By Joel Dyer
Some people just can’t make up their minds. Where should I eat? Blue or red? The Voice or Dancing with the Stars? Obviously, indecision on the part of most people doesn’t have much significance for the rest of us, but that’s not true of everyone. When Congressman Jared Polis is indecisive, you better take cover. History tells us bad things happen when he struggles to make a decision on something until the last minute.
Thursday, February 12,2015

Deception, the shared value of both parties

By Joel Dyer
There’s a downside to being the editor of a newspaper. It seems like every political organization in the state — including front groups for both major parties — feels compelled to send me its 10 favorite press releases every single day including Sundays and holidays.
Thursday, February 5,2015

The collapse of compassion

By Joel Dyer
Anne Harper and her family, along with their 14 or so neighbors, have a serious problem. The place they care about most, their home, is about to be changed forever and not in a good way.
Thursday, January 15,2015

End municipalization secrecy

By Joel Dyer
That said, I continue to be disappointed by the way that the City of Boulder conducts itself on this important issue — in particular its disregard for transparency, which seems to indicate that City Council and staff don’t think the people of Boulder can be trusted to understand complicated facts and make informed decisions.
Thursday, January 8,2015


Affordable housing vs. mass transit

By Joel Dyer
My suggested fix 20 years ago didn’t go over real well with a lot of people. I recommended that if the city were serious about economic diversity and affordable housing it should put several thousand mobile homes on open space and make them rent con trolled.
Thursday, November 20,2014

The rise of the green-talking climate change deniers

By Joel Dyer
We hear it all the time: “climate denier.” We spit the term like a swear word at the Koch brothers or countless Republican politicians. It’s a label we attach to oil and gas industry executives, coal barons and those who run our power generation plants. But what does it really mean to be a climate denier?
Tuesday, September 2,2014

Don't take the bait

Longmont Council appeals fracking ban decision, but beware Finley’s invitation

By Joel Dyer
You may recall that Tuesday’s vote was necessitated by Boulder County District Court Judge D.D. Mallard’s ruling in July that found Longmont didn’t have the authority to ban hydraulic fracturing within its city limits because the state was in charge...