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From tough campo dog to sweetheart companion

Panamanian dog gets life far from the streets

By Elizabeth Miller

For two years, while Alex Masarie worked in the Peace Corps in San Juanito, Panama, developing clean water sources for the town of 220 people, he fed one of the many dogs running around the town. Carm


A gypsy in the snow

A wounded dog in Manitoba, Canada finds a new lease on life and a new home on the Front Range

By Caitlin Rockett

Dusk was falling on the tiny town of Churchill, Manitoba. It was the first day of November, and a 15-passenger van was trundling along the outskirts of town. The van was carrying a group of adventure


More than just along for the ride

Program to drive veterans to medical appointments seeing continued growth

By Elizabeth Miller

S ometimes, they trade war stories — from Vietnam, Guadalcanal, Korea, Japan. Sometimes, they just sit in the silence. Once, they sang. When Gary Jones opens his car door to drive veterans t


Same language, new story

BMoCA exhibit on Romanian painting a rare look into a dark world

By Elizabeth Miller

Among the anachronisms likely to linger in former Communist-bloc countries, where borders were closed and travel limited for half a century, one might not expect to find figurative painting. But for a


Brewing battle

Grocery stores want voters to let them sell full-strength beer and wine, but is that really a good idea?

By Hudson Lindenberger

There is a fight brewing that could become one of the biggest ballot issues in 2016.  After failing five times to get legislative approval for sales of full-strength beer and wine in the last


Oops, we forgot to study that

U.S. nonprofits file suit against Food and Drug Administration over ractopamine in our meat

By Caitlin Rockett

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is no stranger to allegations of under-regulation, but among recent criticisms is the agency’s repeated approval of a series of veterinary drugs based on ractopamine, a growth-producing supplement that has U.S. nonprofits filing lawsuits against the agency.


Reduce, reuse, re-what?

Boulder recycling dragged down by commercial sector

By April Nowicki

Two years ago, Boulder was diverting 41 percent of the waste stream to be recycled or composted. In 2013, that number had decreased to 32 percent, according to the city of Boulder’s website, even though regulations make recycling as easy and inexpensive as possible for residents.


Raising the dead

The second coming of Death From Above 1979

By Caitlin Rockett

Not so long ago, in a land called Toronto, two young men met at a Sonic Youth show (or maybe it was in prison, or on a pirate ship, or perhaps on — this part of the story is murky).


Following a true calling

How punk music and poor neighborhoods fed Barry Blanchard’s life in the mountains

By Elizabeth Miller

Barry Blanchard has spent more than 6,000 days of his life rock climbing, ski touring, mountaineering, alpine climbing and ice climbing. At this point, he says, he’s very intimate with those environments, and can recall the textures in the snow, the ice and the rock he’s encountered along the way.

Restaurant Review


The culinary conundrum of Lyfe Kitchen

By Josh Gross

Regardless of whether you’re on Team Offal, Team Slow Food or Team Molecular Gastronomy, a consistent theme in modern culinary thought is the idea of rejecting an industrialized food system, either to maximize the variety of experience, source effectively, or have an intimate knowledge of what you are eating in order to better hack your metabolism.


The rise of the green-talking climate change deniers

By Joel Dyer

We hear it all the time: “climate denier.” We spit the term like a swear word at the Koch brothers or countless Republican politicians. It’s a label we attach to oil and gas industry executives, coal barons and those who run our power generation plants. But what does it really mean to be a climate denier?