Longmont Insider

The happiest of hours

There’s a moment between when work ends and the rest of our lives begin, to socialize, graze on appetizers and sip a low-priced libation....

Catch, release and the art of slowing down

The rich, cool waters around Longmont remain prime for fly fishing, a sport growing in popularity thanks to its meditative qualities.

Sketching Longmont in plein air

When you need directions, you look for a map. For Longmont artist Amanda Maldonado, the direction of her life and business as an artist...

Wibby’s way

It had taken close to three months and almost $1,000 to get a case of Ryan Wibby’s Lightshine Helles lager delivered to the judges...

The Sugar Factory Arrives

The potential for growing sugar beets in the Longmont area had been noted in an early promotional pamphlet for the Chicago-Colorado Colony, with the...

Top Nibbles

Over the years, Longmont has been stuck with many nicknames by clueless out-of-towners ranging from “Longtucky” to “the turkey factory town.” The snobs stopped...

Outdoor fun for all ages

With over 400 acres of parks and 1,600 nature areas, Longmont contains the ideal environment for biking, hiking and water enthusiasts alike.  Whether you want...