Unhoused: Managing Scarcity


Traditionally, during winter months, additional shelter beds are made available to account for the added dangers that snow and freezing temperatures bring to people experiencing homelessness. Recent changes to the severe weather sheltering program, however, test Boulder County’s homelessness solutions strategy, as there are fewer shelter beds in the system this winter than there have been for years and new policies have the potential to further limit shelter access. Budgets are stressed, volunteer fleets depleted and unforeseen expenses continue to accrue in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving very few options for those experiencing homelessness this winter. 

In the final episode of Unhoused, host Emma Athena looks at how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to impact possible solutions to homelessness as the temperature drops and winter sets in. Listen here or subscribe to the entire series wherever you get your podcasts. 

A huge thank you to KGNU, specifically Maeve Conran, for making this podcast collaboration possible.  


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