LETTERS | There goes Danish again


There goes Danish again

I wonder what leads someone like Mr. Paul Danish (CU history, 1955) to continue to reside in Boulder if he feels as he writes. I find certain idiosyncrasies around Boulder that may be amusing, but if I, way over here in Faultless-Starch-won’t-iron-my-clothes Longmont, dare to oppose fracking anywhere (and I do, within any and all municipalities), then Danish is likely to impugn my ancestry and question my loyalty to truth, apple pie and the American Way, if not the U.S. Constitution.

Too bad the historical method did not stay with Mr. Danish after he left school. Logic, cause and effect, substantiation all have their place, and it is to be hoped he would apply these before he unloads on us North Korean sympathizers who disagree that any place and everyplace are fair game for any moneymaking venture, whatever its effects.

When one’s money is his life, his value system quickly erodes. Danish appears to be a remnant of a long-gone era. Too bad he is able to maintain an audience; heck, I have read him, too. Right before the comic pages. Fitting.

Gregory Iwan/Longmont


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