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Toffee troubleshooting

I recently was inspired by a recipe in BW (Re: Jean’s Microwave Almond Toffee, in “Dear Santa,” Nibbles, Dec. 12, 2019). It was a recipe for microwave toffee. It was in a section about Christmas gifts? Possibly?

I clipped the recipe and put it in my pocket. I think the idea of something so simple got me in the mood to try it. If it could be made in the microwave, then certainly, it sounded uncomplicated.

Obviously, it was a side note, meant for light-hearted entertainment, but I tried the recipe and here is what I found out. I thought you might find it interesting.

I had never made toffee before and perhaps had not a clue how this would work out.

Disclaimer: I used a saucepan, because…

Making toffee in the microwave is a decidedly bad idea. You combine a great deal of butter with a great deal of sugar and then you have to get it to a very high temperature (270 degrees). This temperature is well above boiling (212).

Imagine doing this in your microwave (with what would have to be a plastic container) and what could befall a holiday fool doing this for the first time.

Also, elevation affects the boiling point of butter. The butter will boil at a slightly lower temperature here in Colorado, so if you assume, as I did, that extra 3 minutes will make the difference, it may not. An extra 3 minutes in the microwave could be the difference between, boiling napalm sugar/butter and melted plastic/sugar/butter. Most plastics can hold boiling liquids. However, when I Googled “boiling butter in the microwave” it spoke of butter exploding and flying all over the place.

And sadly your toffee will still be soggy and chewy.

I did not expect to troubleshoot this recipe but hope it helps

Ginger Zaruckus/Boulder

Codify the impeachment
process now

The impeachment process has been abused. That abuse has to be forestalled in the future by codifying the process.

Here is a good start:

Only current, readily articulated, statutorily defined crimes may be used for impeachable offenses. 

Nebulous, ambiguous terms such as abuse of office, abuse of power, violation of oath of office shall not be considered impeachable offenses without the support of statutorily defined crimes.

High crimes shall only be defined as felonious criminal conduct as defined by law.

Misdemeanors shall only be defined as non-felonious criminal conduct as defined by law.

All investigations shall be conducted pursuant to the federal code of criminal conduct, federal rules of evidence, code of criminal procedure and rules of jurisprudence.

All parties shall have the power to call witnesses, rebut testimony, have legal representation and question their accusers in person.

Secret, closed door, testimony, except in cases of national security and classified information and documents, shall not be permitted.

Anonymous witnesses shall not be allowed.

Jim Peel/Longmont


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