Letters: Oct. 26, 2023

Vintage ink well and fountain pen on a table with old letters


Thanks for publishing Kaylee Harter’s article, WHY IS YOUR BALLOT SHOUTING AT YOU? (News, ‘WHY IS YOUR BALLOT YELLING AT YOU?’ Oct. 19).

The reason all-caps appear in legal documents is because lawyers think they are smarter than everyone else!

It has been scientifically tested and proven — over and over again — that upper and lower case text (in serif fonts, by the way) is not only more legible than all-caps (and sans-serif), but also better understood by readers.

I know this because I used to work in advertising, where my paycheck depended on results.

But lawyers are convinced they’re smarter than all the rest of us, and think putting words in all-caps makes them appear more important. It doesn’t. What makes something more important is the content of the message, not the case of the characters. 

Many times, lawyers don’t want us to read and comprehend their words. It makes it easier for them to sell us nonsense and deceive us about their real agendas.

So thanks, Kaylee Harter and Boulder Weekly, for speaking the truth and outing the nonsense that is lawyer-talk!

— Tim Orr / Boulder


Boulder’s ballot measure 2A, part of which increases funding for the City’s arts and culture programs, would be a wonderful thing for all Boulder residents. But I think it would be especially beneficial to Boulder’s children.

Community funds invested in the arts are like seeds planted that reap financial benefits many times over. This makes sense: Imagine people attend a play (from Boulder or outlying communities). Before going they decide to have dinner on the Pearl Street Mall. On the way there they pop into a store and make a purchase. This is all great.

But the seeds planted that reap an even more meaningful harvest are the short and long-term benefits to our children. 

When I was growing up, my parents lived on a modest budget. However, thanks to opportunities allotted, I was able to attend performances and arts programs. My curiosity and love of learning were nurtured by these experiences. They also helped me develop confidence and a desire to try new things.

Children today certainly face greater challenges than I did decades ago. No doubt they need all the positive experiences they can have to promote curiosity, learning, creativity and confidence — as well as feeling connected to their community. (And, certainly any time they are motivated to get off their phones is a good thing!)

The Boulder Ballet, Parlando School of Musical Arts, Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance, and Studio Arts all offer wonderful youth programs. These and other organizations that focus on traditionally under-resourced youth include Street Wise Youth, Mi Chantli, and the Boulder MUSE. A healthier arts and culture budget would allow organizations like these to continue to thrive as well as promote even more programs for children.

Please join me: Vote “yes” on 2A and invest in Boulder’s children.

— Mary Lynn Bruny / Boulder


While I realize that election season can be a bit of a smack to the senses by being tedious and somewhat redundant as candidates clamor for your attention, I figured I would share some joy. One of the most galvanizing experiences of my advocacy career thus far came courtesy of Junie Joseph, who immediately sprung into action upon election to the House of Representatives. She listened to the cries of the unheard, she collaborated with stakeholders on both sides of the aisle, and she succeeded from introduction through signing into law of bills like HB23-1027 concerning Parent and Child Family Time, which grants meaningful contact between children and their parents. This law becomes legally enforceable in January and already I have been able to witness parents and children gain family time access, including a family that had endured 692 agonizing days apart. I share this memory to serve as a testament to Junie’s compassionate responsibility, balanced approach, and incredible determination.  

There are a lot of issues that still need tackling and Junie’s approachability, special attention to detail, and strong emphasis on social justice will best serve the community in delivering desired outcomes on those issues. Her stances are in clear support of our climate, protecting human rights, getting folks back to work and housed, as well as ensuring that our existing systems work for everybody. Our state needs leaders who are not afraid to say and do the things that need to be said and done and Junie does that Every. Single. Day. Junie is not merely occupying a seat; she is optimizing that seat. 

I emphatically endorse Junie Joseph for reelection to House District 10 and I cannot wait to see the things she will continue to accomplish in that role. 

— Martha Wilson / Boulder 


As a member of Boulder’s Environmental Advisory Board with a decade of work in climate change, I am pleased to endorse Ryan Schuchard for Boulder City Council. While I am speaking here as an individual, I wholeheartedly believe that Ryan’s vision and commitment to environmental sustainability make him an outstanding candidate for our City’s leadership.

As a mother of a 2-year-old, I want to ensure Boulder is a safe, healthy, and resilient place for my son to grow old. 

Ryan’s comprehensive approach to tackling big issues like climate change and public safety aligns perfectly with the values and aspirations of all aspects of Boulder’s community interests. 

His track record of advocating for safe and climate-friendly transportation policies through his work on the Transportation Advisory Board is impressive. Ryan understands that addressing climate change requires more than just rhetoric; it demands informed policy decisions and proactive steps toward a more resilient future.

Furthermore, Ryan Schuchard’s support for affordable housing, transit-oriented development, and preserving Boulder’s unique natural beauty while accommodating responsible growth demonstrates his balanced and pragmatic approach. It’s refreshing to see a candidate who understands the interconnectedness of environmental sustainability, economic development, and social equity.

I believe that Ryan Schuchard’s passion for the environment, his experience in advocating for sustainable policies, and his dedication to community engagement make him the right choice for Boulder City Council. I encourage my fellow residents to join me in voting for Ryan. Learn more at www.ryanforboulder.com

— Hannah Davis / Boulder