Vatican seeks new exorcists

Supply of trained pros small and aging


Though recent statements and actions by Pope Francis might give the impression that The Vatican is evolving, it’s apparently not across the board, as, according to The Daily Beast, The Vatican is currently in the process of seeking new exorcists in Italy and Spain.

 From the article…

“[T]he move to officially train more exorcists is both a response to
public demand and a matter of “quality control,”  he [John Allen, Vatican expert and correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter] says, “There are
all these guys, some of them priests, who have set themselves up as
exorcists.” Allen, who calls the rogue exorcists “dodgy,” says the
biggest problem is that they are performing the rite under false
pretenses since they were not officially trained.”

 A 76-year-old priest that is part of the new training program that The Daily Beast spoke to is so overworked that says he performs up to 100 exorcisms a week. Yeowza, that’s a lot.

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