Jane Goodall’s new book: How extensive is the plagiarism?

Jane Goodall in 2009

Widely respected primatologist and author Jane Goodall, who has worked for decades with apes in Africa, has been found to have plagiarized sections of her newest book, Seeds of Hope.

The plagiarism, first caught by a reviewer for The Washington Post and later covered by other media outlets, extends to using quotations from sources as if they’d been said to Goodall and her co-author, Gail Hudson, as well as using others’ writing as her own.

But while the plagiarism has been covered, many media outlets have downplayed it by avoiding using the word “plagiarism” or by claiming that Goodall had used others’ words, but not borrowed ideas from others.

A further study, linked below, finds that Goodall’s plagiarism is more extensive than others have reported.

See the story at The Daily Beast.


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