Casey Anthony’s parents receive death threats


ORLANDO, Fla. — Casey Anthony’s parents have received
several death threats in the two days since she was found not guilty of
murder, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

Sheriff’s spokesman Capt. Angelo Nieves said George
and Cindy Anthony have received at least a half-dozen phone calls where
death threats were made. Authorities are investigating the threats and
checking the credibility, he said.

“We are assessing,” Nieves said. “We are also making an effort to identify the callers.”

Nieves said he is not aware of any one else in the case receiving death threats.

A spokeswoman for the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s
Office said none of the prosecutors or State Attorney Lawson Lamar has
been threatened.

Several protestors who gathered in front of the
Orange County Courthouse on Thursday morning during Casey Anthony’s
sentencing hearing were angry with the verdict and jury.

Protestors held large signs that read “Arrest the jury,” “Juror 1-12 Guilty of Murder” and “Plenty of Evidence. No Guts Jury.”

The Pinellas County jurors, whose names remain under
seal by the judge, are not under any type of special protection by the
Sheriff’s office there, a spokeswoman said.

Deputies are not aware if any death threats have been made to the jurors, Pinellas Sheriff’s spokeswoman Cecilia Barreda said.

A message sent to Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez was not immediately returned.

It’s unclear where Casey Anthony will go after she is
released from the Orange County Jail on July 17. Baez said in a
national television interview that he is concerned for her safety.


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