Nugs and nuptials


We’re about halfway through wedding season, which is arguably the most arduous part of being 27, right after trying to justify why you don’t have your own Netflix account. (Because the login for the roommate I lived with four years ago still works, duh). At any given point from May through September, you are expected to spend thousands of dollars on travel and outfits just to sit through some mason jar ceremony during the hottest part of the day followed by five hours of free booze and doing the Cha-Cha Slide in a rustic (aka non-air conditioned) barn.

Meanwhile, you’re just hoping the photographer will get a good candid that will serve as your profile pic for the rest of the summer. And looking so hot that you fool your ex into thinking you’ve actually changed for the better. It’s a great time, guys.

Making it through all those never-ending declarations of love is exhausting, especially if it’s for a couple that you know in five years will most likely be divorced or living in resentful misery. Marijuana helps, and there’s always a chance one of your cool cousins will be there to low-key smoke a joint with you in the parking lot. However, now that weed weddings are trending, you might not have to act sketchy about it for much longer.

In legal states, some couples are choosing to celebrate their nuptials with some nugs, which allows the indulgence to be public, glamorized and enjoyed by all. Specialists have launched entire businesses to keep up with this new demand. In Colorado, there’s the Cannabis Wedding Expo, an event where brides and grooms can meet marijuana vendors. By smoking in a social setting instead of sneaking out to get high, a whole new element of togetherness is created. Whether a couple wants to offer guests an alternative to alcohol or simply incorporate cannabis into their big day, there are plenty of options in the growing and lucrative market of modern marijuana weddings. Here are some things you can expect whether you’re attending a wedding or planning your own:

Bud Bar

It’s just like an open bar, but way more affordable and with a selection of all different strains of gourmet marijuana. Brides demand a level of quality and sophistication on their wedding day, so it’s not going to look like some grungy corner hangout. There will be a knowledgeable budtender to guide your experience and help you achieve the type of high you’re going for. Concentrates and vaping stations are also options. There could even be a signature marijuana drink or strain that the couple wants to highlight.


While nobody over the age of 20 wants to see a tie-dyed-peace-sign-pot-leaf-themed wedding, a cheeky nod to the plant could appear in the form of bouquets and centerpieces. Companies like Bud and Blossoms specialize in professional floral arrangements that incorporate cannabis, as long as it’s purchased from a dispensary. The centerpieces are often beautiful bouquets that include bud plants, and each table will have its own personal supply of weed to share and enjoy together. The wedding planner will usually put pre-rolled joints, glass bongs or something else classy to smoke with on each table.

Gourmet Edibles

Cannabis chefs provide some fancy weed-infused edible treats as part of the catering. Since some edibles can be super potent for people who don’t know how to use them, there is usually a set number of edibles each guest will receive.

Party Favors

For some sick reason, tons of couples decide to blow their budget on tacky shit. You know what guests don’t need? Anything with monogrammed initials on it. Like, what am I supposed to do — hang it on my wall so I can longingly remember your special day? No. Guests should get to bring home something they actually want, like a swag bag including gold rolling papers or a luxe box of infused truffles.