Cannabis-inspired gifts for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is a time to show the woman who gave you life just how much you appreciate her. I mean, there’s really no way to make up for destroying her pelvic floor and turning her hair gray from the 18-plus years of stress that consumed her life because she was legally obligated to keep you alive, but a regular bouquet of flowers certainly doesn’t cut it. Your mom deserves better flower.  

If you live in a liberal town and your mom had all of her coming of age moments in the ’60s, there’s a good chance she enjoys toking up, or at the very least, is open to the idea. So, this Mother’s Day, consider giving your mom the gift of weed.

According to data provided by Headset, an analytics service for the cannabis industry, weed sales on Mother’s Day weekend in 2018 were higher than average weekend sales. Maybe some of us were buying Mother’s Day gifts while others were just trying to medicate themselves enough to make it through brunch. Either way, one in five dispensary customers is a parent. 

First of all, parents are becoming more and more comfortable using cannabis as part of their wellness routine. Those who might have stopped using it as they entered parenthood may have picked it up again once you fled the nest or even decades later as they entered retirement — a testament to the impacts of modern research, wellness branding, legalization and decreasing social stigmas.

Data also shows that moms are more open with their kids about cannabis than dads. 

By a lot. A recent survey found that women are nearly twice as likely to be open with their children (61 percent vs. 37 percent for men). So that could be one reason for the increase in cannabis gifting, as well as adult offsprings’ own growing comfort level with weed. New Frontier Data’s study, “Cannabis Consumer Series: Alcohol vs. Legal Cannabis Consumption in North America,” found that millennials are comfortable replacing some of their alcohol consumption with cannabis. That could be why Mom’s “wine of the month club” gift is no longer the standard, possibly being replaced with cannabis-infused chocolates and gourmet edibles. 

If you think she’s open to it and need some inspiration, here are some ideas:

Take her to a dispensary. The weed your mom smoked at your age no longer exists. She was practically smoking hemp compared to the strength and variety of cannabis that dispensaries carry today. That can be overwhelming for someone who has been out of the game that long. If you know more about weed than she does, help her out so she doesn’t have to depend on you every time she wants to get stoned in the way that she calls you every time she needs to edit a PDF. Help her pick a favorite strain, show her some of your favorite edibles and products or ask a budtender for their advice on choosing something to match her loving spirit.

Get stoned and creative. Weed goes hand in hand with leisurely activities, aka mom stuff. Get stoned and do some scrapbooking together to really drive home the nostalgia she wants to feel on Mother’s Day. There are so many different arts and crafts you could do together. Even walking around stoned, perusing the aisles of JoAnn’s Fabrics together would mean a lot to her. Other things like cooking classes, “Puff, Pass, and POTtery” classes or even amateur glass blowing classes are easy to find around Boulder and Denver. 

Get stoned and active. If knitting baby blankets or taking a cooking class isn’t your mom’s idea of a good time, get her out into nature. It’s a gorgeous time of year, so roll a couple joints for a sunset hike. For most people, cannabis and nature go together extremely well, as senses and connections can be heightened. It provides an opportunity to let your guard down and maybe even strengthen your relationship. If your mom isn’t feeling the weather, try doing a yoga class together instead. If you’re both way too full from brunch and want to do absolutely nothing together, look into CBD-infused massages.

Go on a tour. There are several local cannabis tours that take guests through new experiences, where you learn new things about the rapidly evolving industry. Colorado Cannabis Tours provide a weed-mom-approved experience, with a 420-friendly limo, a stop at Cheba Hut, dispensary visits, a glass blowing demo, live cannabis grow tours, and a few samples of your favorite cannabis products. If you don’t want to do something that organized, make up your own tour. Get stoned with mom and tour all the local food trucks, art districts and shops you know she would love. No matter what you end up doing, you can’t go wrong since mom just wants to spend time with you and will appreciate all of your thought and effort.

Bake together. Some moms show their love by trying to get you as fat as possible, and they’re pretty good at it, like you can taste when something is made with love. From brownies to cookies to cakes, there are a lot of delicious things you can bake weed into. Though there are plenty of dispensary options that sell edibles, cooking something together at home is more meaningful. Pot brownies are a classic hit and there’s a million different recipes and instructions online to discover together.