About Bob


Smiling at the paper:  it’s telling him a secret
(the secret of the margin-labyrinth)
Look at the sky—it’s much closer here.
Hazel starry
The long eyelashes.
      (more masculine:  this is lovely yang)

“Screw the fuckin’ side of the mountain—I wanna get to the top.”

An essay on the gentle mouth in a male face:
The ultimate strength
Is to look someone in the (other) eye
And say, “You intimidated me before”
     I’m a girl and I talk, so here:
This is a poem, babe
(yes, you are a man
And you know what? It doesn’t work for me, either.
Is it a race?
Did you win?

Jenn Zuko is an underpaid, overworked professor who teaches people how to fake-punch each other in the face as her area of theatrical expertise. Read more of her babblings and dabblings at Daily Cross-Swords.