Try this week: Spirulina bowl, chili chicken and more


The Spirulina Bowl
Peachy’s Superfruit Cafe, 1926 14th St., Boulder,

Good food, good mood” is the name of the game at this superfood joint, which recently opened a bright and inviting downtown Boulder storefront. Peachy’s Superfruit Cafe specializes in superfruit smoothie bowls and offers a medley of tasty, good-for-you toppings that add crunch, a little sweetness and an extra nutritional power punch on top. Amidst dozens of combo options, we picked the Spirulina Bowl as the base — a blend of banana, mango, strawberries, almond milk and spirulina powder — and on top we sprinkled the delightfully crunchy Peachy’s Original Granola, a handful of plump raspberries, bee pollen and a decadent superfruit sauce drizzle. Everything in-store is GMO-free, mostly organic and definitely refreshing. $8.50 half, $13 whole.

Chili Chicken
Nepal Cuisine Restaurant, 4720 Table Mesa Drive, C100, Boulder,

This Nepali specialty consists of blackened stir-fried chicken with hearty slices of green pepper, onions, tomato and abundant red chilies. The chicken has a flavorful, thick casing from spices, marinade and blackening, while the meat inside is tender and rich. The heat level is made to customer’s preferences, but if you go hot, the extra element of spiciness elevates this dish into something else. With a side of grilled, earthy roti, the dish’s many layers, textures and heat levels make it a subtly complex meal. $10.95.

Grilled Salmon Salad
Stout Street Social, 1400 Stout St., Denver,

If you find yourself on 14th St. in Denver, perhaps for an event at the Convention Center or a show at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Stout Street Social has a plethora of options, with a hearty seafood menu that includes oysters, sushi and fish. As summer deepens and the heat intensifies, salads are a good way to fill your belly without busting it. In line with the seafood theme, we chose the grilled salmon salad. Perfectly tender and buttery salmon came atop a bed of chopped kale, quinoa, dried cherries, apples, carrots, sunflower seeds and drizzled with honey vinaigrette. The apples and carrots added a delightful crunch, while the dressing and cherries added a balanced sweet/tangy finish. $17.40.

Adovada Quesadilla
La Choza, 1203 13th St. and 4457 Broadway, Boulder,

It doesn’t get much better than La Choza when it comes to taco shops in Colorado. Its location on The Hill is particularly endearing, because with a menu, a kitchen and a long hallway for when the crowds come in, it’s all about the simple tacos, burritos and quesadillas La Choza makes so well. The adovada (marinated pork) quesadilla is perfect. Tortillas are crisp and blackened in spots. The pork is imbued with smoky red chile, and La Choza’s habanero salsa brings some dry heat. $7.50.


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