Try this week: Mushroom trio pie, ‘The Elegante’ and more


Mushroom Trio Savory Pie
Humble Pie, 3550 E. Colfax, Denver,

Although the savory pie has been around for a while, it’s mostly been relegated to the chicken pot variety in your local freezer section. But there is a renaissance of sorts occurring in the U.S., as food trucks and bake shops are experimenting with the dish, much to diners’ delight. The folks at Humble Pie offer a variety of savory pies, often introducing new flavors. While their take on the classic chicken pot pie is anything but boring, the mushroom trio pie drew our attention. The presentation is simple: a single sprig of rosemary adorns the pastry dough casing. But the perfectly flaky crust is filled with plump crimini, oyster and shiitake mushrooms in a cheesy cream sauce, to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Their sweet pie offerings are just as eclectic and scrumptious. $6 a slice. 

Niçoise Salad
Le French Café, 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Unit C1, Boulder

Le French Café has only been open a few weeks, but it’s already bustling and attracting regulars for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Their menu of French bistro staples — mostly salads, sandwiches and crepes — is expansive and features well-crafted meals with high-quality ingredients. The café’s take on a Niçoise salad is spot-on. Fresh, crunchy lettuce is topped with sweet cherry tomatoes, Nice olives, sliced hard-boiled egg, crispy potatoes, a heap of fresh tuna and three slivers of anchovies. It hits all the right spots, and then tangy balsamic vinaigrette brings it all together. $11.65.

‘The Elegante’
Lechuga’s Italian Restaurant, 3609 Tejon St., Denver,

After devouring a “meat tornado” — a burrito overstuffed with various meats — for the first time, Parks and Rec’s Ron Swanson leaned back and said, “It’s a whole new meat delivery system. Thank you, son.” We felt the same way after eating Lechuga’s smothered “meat cannoli.” Titled, incredibly, “The Elegante,” a spicy sausage is split, wrapped in pizza dough, topped with provolone, baked, then smothered in tomato sauce. It’s then topped, maybe superfluously, with shredded lettuce and mozzarella cheese. It truly is a new meat delivery system: not quite a stromboli, not quite a sandwich. But its appeal isn’t only in its novelty, the sausage is robustly spiced and tender, the red sauce is out of this world, and it’ll fill you up for the day for no money at all. $7.

Vegan Italian Cream Cookies
Kim and Jake’s Cakes, 641 S. Broadway, Boulder,

Kim and Jake’s performs culinary miracles. The breads, cakes, cookies and pastries are tailored to those with dietary restrictions, but you’d hardly know it. The Italian cream cookies are a prime example. Made with gluten-free oat and brown rice flour, the texture is chewy and substantial. The flavor — born out of coconut, pecans, almond and vanilla — is unique and will keep you reaching for more. The thick and sweet cookies are also happen to be a perfect accompaniment to coffee. Try Kim and Jake’s other offerings (the sandwich bread is fantastic) by visiting the South Boulder shop or picking up its products at your local grocer. $7.