Try this week: Smothered Burritos @ Tierra Y Fuego Taqueria


North Boulder’s Tierra Y Fuego is a great spot to grab a bite to eat with friends and family this summer. Its outdoor patio is inviting and lively, with plenty of shade for the hottest of days of the season. Tierra Y Fuego started as a food truck, parked at the owners’ Diaz Farm only a mile or two away, and all of the ingredients at the brick-and-mortar shop are sourced seasonally from the farm, helping create, fresh, flavorful and well-spiced dishes. This is especially true for the smothered burritos, which are well worth the $11 price tag. The platter comes with a generous portion of rice and refried beans, as well as the star of the show, the massive burrito, drizzled with your choice of green or red sauce (or both) and sour cream. Also, be sure to opt for the homemade, thickly cut tortilla chips paired with either a refreshing salsa or a rich guacamole.

Tierra Y Fuego Taqueria. 4550 Broadway Unit C-3A, Boulder, 720-454-5475,