Try this week: Green Chile Cheddarshack @ Shake Shack


OK, we bit the bullet and followed the hordes to Boulder’s new Shake Shack, located in the Twenty-Ninth Street Mall. Shake Shack is a national burger chain with a legion of fans, a la In-N-Out and Five Guys, and so its recent arrival was met with excitement. On our visit, we opted for the regionally exclusive Green Chile Cheddarshack, a beef patty (or two, your choice) is topped with white Cheddar, scallions and marinated green chiles. The chiles are abundant, bright and just a little spicy. That spice is balanced with the creamy white Cheddar and the fat in the burger. Get the crinkle-cut fries — crispy, hot and appropriately salty — and the house beer brewed in collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery for a fine meal.

Shake Shack. 1680 29th St., Boulder, 720-704-7980,