Try this week: Cobbarado salad @ Naked Lunch


In the dead of winter, when the days are short, the temperature drops below freezing, and the Flatirons are covered by clouds, we usually stick to warm, rich comfort food. But every once in a while the body craves something fresh — crisp, uncooked vegetables atop crunchy lettuce, with the zing of dressing. Lucky for us, Naked Lunch, in The Peloton complex off of Arapahoe, serves locally sourced salads every weekday and Saturday. On a recent visit we opted for the Cobbarado (see what they did there?): sliced Roma tomatoes, crispy bacon, tart goat cheese and ample avocado is served on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce. Normally served with ranch dressing, we went with some Champagne vinaigrette to add brightness to every bite.

Naked Lunch. 3301 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 303-449-4647,