Boulder-based Arryved reimagines beer point of sale


Before March, you probably didn’t give a lick about brewery point of sale, did you? You might have noticed that each place was slightly different, depending on the establishment’s size or age. Some had a tablet on the counter; others had waiters who would come to you and handle business at the table. There were even a couple of holdouts that still relied on paper and pen and took only cash.

Then: virus. Now, things are a lot more standardized, and most businesses are looking to emphasize minimal or no physical contact. Enter the point-of-service software to rule them all: Arryved (pronounced “arrived”).

Founded in 2016 and based in Boulder, Arryved is a software breweries can use to track inventory, split and merge guest checks and publish QR code-based menus, among other things. Patrons can also download the app on their phone and use it for touch-free on-premise ordering, online ordering and mobile payment.

“We’re a Swiss Army knife kind of platform,” Alexandra Ostler, Arryved’s head of marketing says in a press release.

According to Arryved, 60,000 craft beer patrons are currently using the app, as are several Boulder County breweries: Avery, Bootstrap, Gunbarrel, Left Hand, Odd13, Twisted Pine, Wild Provisions and more. Even the Rayback Collective uses it. To quote Leonardo DiCaprio/Howard Hughes in The Aviator: “The way of the future. The way of the future. The way of the future…”

Visit for more information, or download the mobile app from your phone’s app store.