Sans suds

Boulder County’s diverse tasting rooms go beyond beer

Courtesy: Stem Ciders

Boulder County is often dubbed a haven for beer enthusiasts. But what about those who prefer something other than fermented starch water? 

Luckily, the city’s libation landscape extends far beyond the realms of hops and barley. For those who yearn for something different, Boulder County offers a rich tapestry of tastes, from crisp ciders and ancient meads to artisan spirits, exquisite wines and a wide range of non-alcoholic options. This guide will help you navigate through Boulder’s best alternatives to beer, ensuring your glass is never half empty. 


Local cideries offer a refreshing alternative for those wanting to explore the world of artisanal fermented apples. Sometimes infused with other fruits, spices or botanicals, these gluten-free beverages can be tart, crisp, sweet or smooth.

Acreage by Stem Ciders
1380 Horizon Ave., Lafayette

BOCO Cidery & Taproom
1501 Lee Hill Drive, Unit 14, Boulder

St. Vrain Cidery
350 Terry St., Unit 130, Longmont

The Old Mine
500 Briggs St., Erie

A. Aleksandravicius – stock.adob Midus is a type of Lithuanian mead, an alcoholic beverage made of grain, honey and water. Balts were making mead for thousands of years.


Over a dozen Colorado establishments breathe new life into one of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages. We’re lucky to have one locally: Redstone Meadery in Boulder. 

Visitors to the East Boulder tasting room can sample Boysenberry Nectar, Passion Fruit Nectar, Juniper Berry Mountain Honey Wine and Traditional Mountain Honey Wine along with specialty meads made from different types of honey. 

Redstone Meadery
4700 Pearl St., Boulder


If you prefer your pleasures without the buzz, Boulder County boasts a variety of establishments offering everything from calming teas and kava to herbal infusions. Perfect for meetings, studying or simply enjoying a quiet moment, these venues cater to a mindful drinking experience.

Courtesy: Boulder Tea Hut

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
770 13th St., Boulder

Boulder Tea Hut
907 12th St., Boulder

Ku Cha House of Tea
1211 Pearl St., Boulder

Old Barrel Tea Company
1647 Pearl St., Unit 1, Boulder

The Root Kava Co
1641 28th St., Boulder

Tonic Alchemy Lounge
2011 10th St., Boulder


Boulder County’s vintners prove Colorado can do anything California can. These local wineries cater to casual, informative sessions and more intimate, guided tours, offering a perfect blend of education and enjoyment.

Augustina’s Winery
20 Lakeview Drive, #103, Nederland

Bookcliff Vineyards Tasting Room
1501 Lee Hill Road, Unit 17, Boulder

Settembre Cellars
1501 Lee Hill Drive, Boulder

Silver Vines Winery
2015 13th St., Boulder

Vinnie Fera Wine
3012 Sterling Circle, Suite 100, Boulder  


Boulder County does booze almost as well as it does beer. With a focus on small-batch production, these award-winning venues offer a behind-the-scenes look at the distilling process and a wide range of spirits in a relaxed atmosphere.

Courtesy: Copper Sky Distillery

Abbott & Wallace Distilling
350 Terry St., Suite 120, Longmont

Copper Sky Distillery
110 Emery St., Suite C, Longmont

DEKI Spirits
802 S. Public Road, Unit E, Lafayette

Dry Land Distillers
519 Main St., Longmont

DV8 Distillery
2480 49th St., Unit E, Boulder

Hogback Distillery
5311 Western Ave., Boulder

Spirit Hound Distillers
4196 Ute Highway, Lyons

Vapor Distillery
5311 Western Ave., Unit 180, Boulder