Colorado state representative District 12: Mike Foote (D)


State Representative

District 12

Mike Foote

Russ Lyman

Matthew A. Webber

In this East County race, Republican Russ Lyman of Longmont says he’s
never been elected to public office (which can be a good thing). He
supports a government that only does what is absolutely necessary,
believes in absolute individual property rights, questions whether
crimes with no victims should, in fact, be crimes, and espouses the
ability to abuse one’s own body as long as it does not infringe upon
another person’s rights. Democrat Mike Foote, a deputy district attorney
for Boulder County, says he believes our community is strongest “when
everyone has an opportunity to succeed if they work hard and play by
the rules.” He says he wants the state Legislature to help improve the
economy, education, health care and the environment, and that
representatives should be “willing to work with everyone to solve
problems.” Libertarian Matthew Webber says he believes government should
keep its hands out of who can get married and should tax and regulate
marijuana. He also supports a woman’s right to choose and, believe it
or not, favors legalizing prostitution. As tempted as we are to vote
for Webber, we have to give the endorsement to Foote on this one.


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