Isis from Multiple Perspectives

4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11, Eaton Humanities, Room 250, CU Boulder, 303-735-5122

As headlines from all over the world cover the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, otherwise known as ISIS, CU is taking a deeper look with their panel: ISIS from Multiple Perspectives. The event will cover several topics including, “ISIS Islamic?,” “ISIS’s War on the Past,” “The Geopolitics of Political Islam,” and “Histories of ISIS: The Politics of Fundamentalism and Sectarianism.” Presenting these topics will be CU faculty members Aun Ali (religious studies), Jeanne M. Nijhowne (physics), Najeeb Jan (geography) and Haytham Bahoora (Asian languages and civilizations), respectively. It is sure to be an enlightening event that will provide a better understanding of ISIS from all angles.


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