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Thursday, March 25,2010

LETTERS | The dogma of bigotry

Clarification: Boulder Weekly thanks the YMCA of Boulder Valley for contributing several photos to the 2010 Kids’ Camp special edition. Camp photos on pages 10, 12, 15, 18, 19 and 22 were provided by the YMCA, and BW apologizes for not giving the camp credit for those. See www.ymcabv.org for information about YMCA camps.

New Yorker go home

(Re: “Poop, plants and pollution,” Cover story, March 18.) Wow, I just don’t get people who move to Colorado for the beauty and open spaces, then complain about everything around them!

Just wait until these farmers go out of business because of uptight New Yorkers like this. Then the land will be filled with subdivisions and cement and the only waste to smell will be the garbage coming out of each other’s mouths!

Go back to New York!

C. Nicoll/Longmont

Sins of the fathers

(Re: “The dogma of bigotry,” Uncensored, March 18.) Amazing job, Pamela. Couldn’t have said it better myself. In a religion where serial child abuse has been overlooked, I wonder what impact one child being evicted from school can have? What will it take for the masses to climb out of the mundane to even glimpse the sadness of complacency?

Thank you for speaking for so many of us.

Barbara Truskalo/Boulder

Once again, Pamela White, you’ve demonstrated the very powerful power of the pen. Your writing just keeps getting better. Thank you for your editorial about the hypocrisies of the Church’s decision.

You are very brave and very wise.

Karen Nozik/Internet

While the church is kicking out kids of lesbian parents — I actually think the kids and the parents are lucky that their kids will not go to a house of bigotry and hatred in the name of God — let’s see what else is going on:

Rape and mistreatment of children by the church is not a U.S. phenomenon. In Canada, England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, etc., it has been found that the church has been sexually abusing children.

The Pope’s brother Georg Ratzinger, an official of the church in Germany, is implicated in the cover-up.

And the big question is why the church has let this happen for decades, if not centuries, and turned a blind eye to the most vile of crimes.

The only answers seem to be that the church needs the priests, abusers of children or not. The priests bring in the money. No priests — no money. And the other reason — the rot reaches all the way up to the top.

It is time that the church be fully investigated by civil authorities, with no-holds-barred access to all church records, subpoena power — talk or go to jail, for the bishops, priests, etc.

And when the smoke clears, Ratzinger will be history; much of the hierarchy will be history.

And mankind will be free from this apparition that has yet to excommunicate Hitler — born and baptized a Catholic in very Catholic Austria — for 50 million deaths.

And to make the scene worse, the German Pope Ratzinger last year un-excommunicated a Bishop Williamson, who is a holocaust denier.

They say the lessons of one’s youth stick with you for a lifetime. Benedict- Ratzi was born in 1928 and raised in Nazi Germany. Need I say more?

Steven J. Smith/Annapolis, Md.

End pit bull ban

I am a former resident of Denver. I chose to move back to Arizona when my 4-year-old pit bull was picked up for no reason other than her breed. I find it astounding that Denver would spend a quarter of a million dollars on putting dogs to sleep.

Wouldn’t it be more productive to take the quarter of a million dollars and create a program that allows animal control to police pit bulls in a more civil way? For example, pay a few specialists to make random visits to pit bull owners’ homes to ensure the safe keeping of the dog as well as to examine the dog’s temperament. I believe that this would be a means of ensuring that the dogs are not raised in violent homes.

The biggest problem with pit bulls, in my opinion, is the owners. I am getting my teaching degree, and I hope that one day this ban will be lifted so that I can move back to Denver.

Elyssa Ruane/Tucson, Ariz.

Obama’s rhetoric returns

Did anyone else notice that Obama’s soaring oratory returned only after he ensured that the public option would not be included in the corporaterrorist bailout bill? As soon as Obusha knew that the insurance cartel would be safely ensconced in endless profiteering with no end in sight, he started to give great speeches for the need for quote, unquote, health care reform.

Capitalism is where people use their capital to make money while they sit on their ass and do nothing. That’s why its called capitalism.

Socialism is where the government uses our taxes for social programs that benefit society, like public schools, libraries, etc.

Its not taxing the poor to give to the rich through subsidies, kickbacks and bailouts.

So where are we? More like the middle of the end.

And not just of this great nation. For Western Civilization, and perhaps all of human civilization.

The beginning of the end happened even before this nation got started, when England invented the limited liability corporation concept to allow the East India Company to plunder India without legal consequences. Thus was invented Corporate Personhood, the ultimate source of the majority of evil in the world today.

Victor Forsythe/Lakewood

Israel vs. Palestine

There is a ridiculous double standard whereby Israel is expected to act like Snow White in a neighborhood of angry, murderous thugs. Palestinians have never pursued peace. They consider Tel Aviv and the entire Jewish State to be a “settlement.” Does anybody really think this is just a real estate transaction and a few more acres will seal the deal? It is high time for President Obama to distance himself from his long-time relationship with Jeremiah Wright and choose sanity and peace over hatred and war.

Tom Kornfeld/Denver

In 2000, President Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak agreed to help the Palestinian people create a state, including 98 percent of the West Bank and all of Gaza, to be connected by an underground highway. East Jerusalem was offered as its capital.

Imagine, had that offer been accepted, how much economic progress the Palestinian people could have enjoyed in these years. That momentous point in history was greeted by Palestinian suicide bombers murdering innocents. Then Israel withdrew all its settlements from Gaza, to test the idea that Israel could create a Palestinian state without an agreement and was greeted by daily missiles fired into Israeli population centers.

Israel awaits a Palestinian leadership ready to agree to build a state for its people and live in peace with Israel. Such leaders do not exist, as even the more “moderate” leadership in the West Bank just last week proclaimed as a hero a terrorist who murdered innocent Israelis.

While Israel waits for peace, it continues to build housing for its growing population in areas adjacent to existing population centers, including East Jerusalem. This building should help pressure the Palestinian leaders to seek a state and peace before they lose more land in their potential state. Despite being well aware of this Israeli policy, President Obama forced a stop to building in West Bank settlements months ago, a move which created a delay in potential negotiations and created terrible unemployment among Palestinians in the West Bank.

And now the routine approval of more housing units in an existing Jerusalem neighborhood has been elevated by the Obama administration into a major crisis, which threatens once again to be used by the Palestinians to delay real negotiations and, in the short term, has been used as another excuse for violence instead of negotiations.

Please do whatever you can to encourage the United States government to focus on demanding real negotiations from the Palestinian leadership and an end to incitement to hate and violence against Israel. This will help the Palestinian people more than creating crises with the United States’ greatest ally, Israel. Pushing for a real peace agreement that recognizes Israel’s security needs is the only way to help the Palestinian people to create a state that can live in peace and prosperity with its neighbors.

Mark A. Levy/Denver

Israel’s decision to build Jewish “settlements” in land bought by Jews in Jerusalem is not the obstacle to peace.

Where is your censorship of the culture of hate promulgated by the Palestinian leadership? Where is your outrage when a children’s soccer team is named after a shaheed (a terrorist martyr) who blew herself up in the heroic act of slaughtering Israeli children?

Where is your condemnation of government-sponsored children’s television using cartoon characters to incite children to kill Jews (note: not just Israelis, any Jews) in the name of Allah? Where are your deadlines and timetables that would hold the Palestinian leadership accountable for their systematic inculcation of hatred and martyrdom? Do you not think that this is a significant obstacle towards peace? Or is Jew-hating so normal that you simply trivialize it?

Only when the depth and gravity of Islamic anti-Semitism is confronted and included in the conversation can any serious movement towards peace occur.

As one who voted for you, President Obama, I am deeply frightened and profoundly disturbed by your opacity in this regard. Where is your moral courage?

Miriam Pollack/Boulder

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