Wake & Flake

Exploring Boulder's bad roads and disappearing snow days


This week’s cover stories started with a question — two, actually: Why are Boulder’s roads so bad after a snowstorm? And what do kids do on snow days?

The answers ended up being more complex than you might imagine. (The truth, as ever, resists simplicity, to quote John Green.)

For example: We busted the persistent myth that Boulder doesn’t lower its plow blades all the way down — it’s actually Longmont that floats them. And while some school districts have done away with snow days in favor of remote learning, others have reinstated them post-pandemic.

We don’t want to give away all our secrets: Click the links below to learn more.

Weekly Why: Why do Boulder’s roads suck when it snows? by Kaylee Harter

How COVID and climate change are killing snow days for kids around the country by Shay Castle


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