Gov’t watch: Feb. 7, 2024


Boulder City Council

Reminder: At the Feb. 8 study session, Council will:

Meet for 3.5 hours for a staff presentation and discussion on homelessness strategy.

At the Feb. 15 meeting, Council will:

Vote to update and adopt its statement on regional, state and federal policy issues. The statement outlines decisions made outside the City’s authority that could impact the area. 

Take a preliminary vote on the annexation of 27 acres, to be publicly zoned for part of the City’s South Boulder Creek Flood Mitigation project. The City, which uses the address 5600 Table Mesa Drive for the property, wants to annex the area for “jurisdictional clarity and permitting efficiency,” according to Communications Senior Project Manager Angela Urrego. A final vote and public hearing are scheduled March 21.

Vote on a ceasefire resolution regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict.   

Hear an update from Xcel Energy about the company’s progress toward goals in its franchise agreement with the City. Goals from the partnership include addressing the gap between Xcel’s commitment to 80% carbon emission reduction by 2030 and the City’s own goal of 100% renewable electricity by the same date. The franchise agreement was originally approved by voters in November 2020.

Boulder County Commissioners

On Feb. 8, the Commissioners will: 

Make a decision following a hybrid public hearing about the westward extension of an existing sanitary sewer on Gay Street, north of Highway 66, to provide service for the future development of the Terry Lake Neighborhood. Registration is required for virtual and in-person attendance.

Hold an in-person Town Hall to discuss disaster preparedness that will include a presentation from Mike Chard, the County’s emergency management disaster manager. The meeting is at 5:30 p.m. at The Spoke on Coffman Cafe, 516 Coffman St., Longmont. 

On Feb. 13, the Commissioners will:

Hear presentations from staff in the Parks and Open Space department seeking approval for property acquisitions totalling nearly 150 acres for $4.78 million at 6969 Ute Road, 10384 Airport Road, 0 Fourmile Canyon Drive, and the southeast corner of 95th Street and Lookout Road. Registration required for both virtual and in-person attendance.

On Feb. 6 and 15, commissioners will hold interviews for Boulder County Coroner, following Emma Hall’s resignation. The new coroner will be appointed on Feb. 20 and will hold the office until January 2025, when a coroner selected by voters in the 2024 general election will take office. Previously, the county had stated that the newly appointed coroner would hold the office through January 2027.