Growing up the greener way


After a long and in some ways challenging winter that began with a deluge that saw flooded gardens wiped out early, gardeners are likely eager to be getting their fingers back into the soil this spring. Our Boulderganic is focused, first, on providing some information for growers and local farm shoppers interested to know how to expect our produce markets to have responded in the face of the floods last fall.

We’re also looking at innovations in the way we eat, recycle waste and give back to our communities.

After the frigid cold and the persistent wind, we’re ready for a little sunshine and a few summer breezes — which means shaking off the winter dust and getting back outdoors to get in shape and in gear for a summer that will no doubt include trips into the mountains.

In short, the options for keeping busy among the signs of the season abound. We hope that in addition to nudging you along your way toward growing your own food, or supporting those who do so here in Boulder County, we’ve also provided the food for thought each edition of Boulderganic aims to deliver, talking about the changes in our region and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Perhaps relishing that buzz of opportunity is truly the best way to savor the season ahead.

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