Celebrating 28 years of no-holds barred, independent local journalism


It takes a stalwart collection of people to keep an independent newspaper afloat for 28 years: tenacious reporters, visionary editors, driven sales staff and a supportive publisher. But the real driving force behind any newspaper is the community—everything we do is in service to you, our readers, and your support is what has kept Boulder Weekly alive and vibrant for nearly three decades. 

That’s why, for the last several years, Boulder Weekly has chosen to celebrate its anniversary by shining a light on the unsung heroes of our community, those who have created change and changed lives without much fanfare. 

Boulder County endured unimaginable trauma last year; we lost loved ones to violence and illness, we lost homes to fire. But we came together each time and saw each other through. We hope the stories we share in the following pages lift your spirits, soften your armor and remind you of the beauty in this world. 

Thank you for your support these past 28 years—we literally couldn’t do it without you. 

—Caitlin Rockett, editor-in-chief

Annika Spilde: The Fairview High School student who helped organize walkouts to protest inaction on sexual violence talks about the heavy work, small wins and true success of her activism

Shawn Cupolo: After his sudden death from cancer, H.B. Woodsongs owner’s friends and family remember his love of music and community

Finding Higgins: A lost dog in the middle of Colorado’s most destructive wildfire and the community that rallied to help get him home

Jessica Benjamin: First Bite owner harnesses the power of food to help glue the community back together again

André Houssney: The Jacob Springs Farm founder came face-to-face with violent climate change—now he’s speaking up about the threats

Aubrey Runyon: The former search and research crew member’s actions after a deadly fall in Eldo Canyon saved one climber’s life

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