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Buff OneCard

So what’s the single most important possession you’ll have while enrolled at CU? The Buff OneCard would have to be the answer. Not only is it your campus ID card, but just one swipe and it will grant access to residence halls, printing, on-campus dining, banking services, laundry, the rec center, athletic events and yes, even the campus Starbucks. Just say “open sesame.”


Center for Community – N180


CU NightRide is the designated driver that never lets you down. This student-operated program is dedicated to keeping CU students, faculty and staff safe by providing night-time transportation between campus and anywhere within city limits. Weekday pickups run until 12:15 a.m. and weekend rides are available until 1:15 a.m. All you need to ride is your CU ID.

303-492-7233 (B-SAFE)

University Memorial Center (UMC)

– 233C

CU Police

The CUPD is a full-service police agency serving the campus community 24/7/365. The CU police are equipped to deal with everything from emergencies to fender benders to providing an escort on that late night walk home. CUPD dispatch center now receives text messages, so call 911 if you can, but text if you must.

Non-emergency: 303-492-6666

Emergency: 911

1050 Regent Drive

Counseling and Psychological Services

CU’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers support services for just about everything that you might be thinking or feeling — from individual counseling to alcohol and drug abuse counseling, from ADHD information to sexual identity support — the good folks at CAPS are there for you, just as you are. Every student gets six visits free of charge and there are walk-in hours every weekday.


Center for Community (C4C) – S440

Office of Victim Assistance

Sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse, stalking, harassment and discrimination happen everyday but they aren’t always easy to identify or deal with when they happen to you or a loved one. If you’re feeling cheated, fooled, harmed, judged, singled out or if something just isn’t sitting right, the Office of Victim Assistance offers free and confidential information, support and short-term counseling to see you through to the next step.


Center for Community (C4C) – S440

Wardenburg Health Center

Whether you’re sick, injured, need a well-woman exam, want nutrition services, have some questions about your body or just need a condom, Wardenburg is your full-service, one-stop shop for your physical and mental health needs. It even houses a full-service pharmacy that is open six days a week. Call for an appointment or schedule an appointment online at MyCUHealth.


1900 Wardenburg Drive

Student Legal Services

If you find yourself in a legal pickle, the Student Government-sponsored Student Legal Services (SLS) provides accessible professional legal assistance to students for a fraction of the cost of a private attorney. SLS has attorneys on standby who can help make sense of all things legal. And, unlike most lawyers, they’ll even tell you if they think you don’t need a lawyer.


University Memorial Center (UMC) – 311

Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance

The Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance is committed to preventing and eliminating discrimination and harassment based on race, color, national origin, pregnancy, sex, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, political affiliation or political philosophy at the University of Colorado Boulder. If you think that you have been the victim of discrimination or harassment by a CU employee, come to this office to initiate an investigation and receive interim support services.


3100 Marine St.

Women’s Resource Center

The Women’s Resource Center, affectionately called “the Dub,” is committed to creating an environment in which women thrive. The Dub helps students develop leadership abilities and works for equity on behalf of all marginalized communities. The center provides resources, support groups, hosts programming throughout the year and can provide referrals to other services on campus and beyond.


University Memorial Center (UMC) – 416

Gender and Sexuality Center

Since its inception in 1995, the Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) has been here to help gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and allied students, staff and faculty at CU. The Center provides information and referral services, education and cultural programming and advocacy for the GLBTQIA community. GSC also offers a host of free sexual health resources.


Center for Community (C4C) – N450

The Writing Center

The CU-Boulder Writing Center offers people from across disciplines and skill levels the opportunity to work one-on-one with professionally trained writing consultants. Writers at all stages of the writing process, from planning to revision, are welcome to come learn techniques, proper citation to avoid unintentional plagiarism and tips to overcome writer’s block. Services are free to CU students, staff and alumni.


Norlin – E111

Academic Support Assistance Program

If you are a first-year student, live on campus or in the Bear Creek Apartments then you’re eligible for free tutoring through the Academic Support Assistance Program. This is a great resource if you find yourself struggling in classes or if you need a little support to figure out how to structure your time and focus your attention.


Kittredge Central – N244

Student Academic Success Center

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) is a multicultural academic learning community that serves low income and first generation college students with academic skills development through supplementary instruction in gateway courses and tutoring. The center offers scholarships, hosts a suite of programs for students and even connects eligible students with scholarships to help turn college dreams into reality.


University Campus Building (UCB)
     – 109

Volunteer Resource Center

Volunteering is one of the best and most fulfilling ways to integrate into the community and develop the sort of character traits that you just can’t get in a classroom. The Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) helps connect students with organizations that will be a good fit for their skills and interests. With more than 250 organizations in the Boulder/Denver area to work with, this is a great place to narrow your list and find the perfect match. Check out one of the VRC’s volunteer fairs and jump right in!


University Memorial Center (UMC)

– 458

Environmental Center

The student-led Environmental Center (EC) is the nation’s largest and most accomplished of its kind. The EC analyzes sustainability challenges, proposed solutions and implements them in good old boots-on-the-ground fashion. If you’re feeling green and want to get involved with building a sustainable and resilient future, this is the place to develop the skills and leadership necessary to turn your vision into reality.


University Memorial Center (UMC)

– 355

Center for Student Involvement

Not only does the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) cultivate community at CU by offering a wide range of cultural and entertainment events, but they act as bookkeeper and manager for all of the student organizations on campus. So whether you want to join a club, participate in a CSI-hosted event or start an event of your very own, these are the people you will want to talk with to make it happen.


University Memorial Center (UMC)

– 330   

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