Best of Boulder 2017 — Fitness & Health

VooDoo Hair Lounge employees Guy Trey Bower and Marion von-Hollander

Hair Salon


2100 Pearl St., 303-449-4453

Second Place: Twig Hair Salon

Third Place: The SideDoor Salon

Fourth Place: The Parlour Hair Salon

Fifth Place: West End Salon

Write In: Tresca Hair Studio

Voodoo Hair Lounge describes itself  as a salon, “where art, culture and community collaborate with fashion and lifestyle.” Its hairdressers are given room to be creative, while clients are invited to participate in the process. Voodoo’s services cater to both men and women, for everyday stylings or for special events. Styling, coloring, cutting… this place does it all, and whatever image you have of your hair in your mind, the artists at Voodoo say they’ll work to make it come to fruition. All of their stylists have more than a decade of experience, which explains why our readers love them and their work. And did we mention that Voodoo participates in the Green Circle program to lower its impact on the environment? They do.

Lasik Services


1810 30th St., Suite B, 303-499-2020

Second Place: Boulder Eye Surgeons

Third Place: Boulder Vision Associates

Fourth Place: Insight Vision Group

Fifth Place: Dr. Bollenbacher & Associates

Having LASIK surgery is a big decision and you want to trust your eyes to the most capable, knowledgeable doctor around. Dr. Craig F. Beyer is a board certified ophthalmologist, fellowship trained in corneal and refractive surgery. Don’t know what that means? Well, that’s why he is the doctor and you’re not. As the founder of Boulder Eyes/Beyer LASIK, he’s been correcting people’s vision longer than anyone else in the state, which is why our readers once again voted his practice best of the best.

Amy Taylor Alpers and her sister Rachel Taylor Segel, owners of The Pilates Center Susan France

Pilates Studio


5500 Flatiron Parkway, Suite 110, 303-494-3400

Second Place: Bolder Pilates

Third Place: BoulderBodyworks

Fourth Place: Body Dynamics

Fifth Place: Core Wisdom

Developed by athlete and physical therapist pioneer Joseph Pilates, this form of exercise is good for everyone looking to become stronger, increase flexibility and improve coordination. Sisters Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel founded The Pilates Center in 1990 after training with Joseph Pilates’s protégé in New York City. Their studio offers a robust schedule of Pilates classes for practitioners of all abilities. The sisters seek to foster and promote the classic form of the practice, helping everyone who walks through their doors.

Martial Arts


2005 32nd St., 303-938-1275

Second Place: Boulder Karate

Third Place: Tran’s Martial Arts

Fourth Place: Boulder Ki Aikido

Fifth Place: Boulder Kung Fu Academy

Write In: Vision Quest Martial Arts

With their flagship center in Boulder, Easton Training Center has been at the heart of Boulder County’s martial arts community since 1998. Open seven days a week, the center offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing and CrossFit classes for all ages and skill levels. Even kids can get in on the fun with a program formatted just for them. Morning, noon or night, Easton’s got classes for you, from small group to private lessons. If you’ve never tried martial arts, just visit the 10,000-square-foot facility and meet the friendly coaches and management to get started on a journey that will surely change your life.

Medical Facility


4747 Arapahoe Ave., 303-415-7000

Second Place: Boulder Medical Center

Third Place: Kaiser Permanente

Fourth Place: Avista Adventist Hospital

Fifth Place: Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center

It’s not enough that a hospital save lives. It’s got to have that little something extra that sets it apart and makes it special if it wants to win this category. And that something extra when it comes to a medical facility is a kind, empathetic and knowledgeable staff, from the volunteers at the front desk to the nurses and doctors who can make you all better when you feel like… well, you know what we mean. Our readers tell us Boulder Community Health — Foothills Hospital is a not-for-profit that pushes itself to stay current on medical technology while never forgetting that its first priority is to serve the people of Boulder County with compassion. And that’s as good as it gets.

MMJ Evaluation Service


3000 Center Green Drive, Suite 210, 720- 273-3568

Second Place: GrassRoots Medical Clinic

Third Place: Relaxed Clarity, LLC

Fourth Place: Fully Alive Medicine

Fifth Place: Colorado Medical Marijuana

Holos Health must be doing something right. They’ve won this category six years in a row with no sign of slowing down. We all know that marijuana has many helpful medicinal uses and for many people it’s important to talk to medically trained personnel. Every member of the medically trained staff at Holos considers themselves a facilitator of your healing, whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, the effects of chemotherapy, seizures or anything else. Evaluation services make it possible for you to go in and talk to a doctor and find out if medical marijuana is the right fit for you. And the doctors at Holos Health are there to help.

Best Gift to Give Your Digestive System


1710 Pearl St., 720-708-6309

Sometimes we have a bad day, so we have a cheeseburger. Sometimes that bad day turns into a string of bad days, and sometimes that cheeseburger is washed down with fries, a milkshake, a slice of pizza and some nachos. If this sounds like you, no fear. Zeal, partnering with Conscious Cleanse, is here to get rid of that cheeseburger hangover with one- or three-day juice cleanses. Enjoy blends of kale, cucumber, ginger, apple, broccoli, mint, lime and more throughout the day, plus a sweet nut-milk treat at the end of each day. Trust us, your body will thank you.

Indoor Climbing Gym


2829 Mapleton Ave., 303-447-2804, ext. 4

Second Place: The Spot Bouldering Gym

Third Place: Movement Climbing + Fitness

Fourth Place: ABC Kids Climbing

Fifth Place: Lakeshore Athletic Club — Flatiron

Write In: EVO Rock + Fitness

Boulder has been climbing the rocks that make up its famous backdrop for more than 100 years, and the area has been known as a rock-climbing hot spot since the 1960s. That’s great except when it’s snowing or raining and you’re stuck starring out the window at where you want to be. But in truth, that mentality changed three decades ago with the advent of indoor climbing gyms. Boulder is blessed with many such indoor facilities from which to choose. Climbing with a roof over your head has become a sport in its own right, not just a training regimen for the outdoor version. And the best spot to climb indoors according to our readers is the Boulder Rock Club, whose sky-high walls with hundreds of routes of every level of difficulty and bouldering areas make it a fun place to be rain or shine.

Place for Superfoods


1509 Arapahoe Ave., 720-616-7785

If you’re looking to be free, Thrive is the place to be. Serving vegan, soy-free, gluten-free and organic foods, Thrive wants to truly nourish every body. They use non-pasturized almonds and raw hand-cracked cashews to make fresh nut milk every day. To retain the health benefits of foods, they don’t heat above 118 degrees, and Ayurvedic herbs, superfoods and supplements give dishes different positive effects on the body, whether that’s mood enhancement, gastrointestinal aid, healthy skin, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing or calming. Head to Thrive to free yourself of everything that ales you.

Golf Course


5706 Arapahoe Ave., 303-442-7851

Second Place: Boulder Country Club

Third Place: Haystack Mountain Golf Course

Fourth Place: Indian Peaks Golf Course

Fifth Place: Coal Creek Golf Course

Our readers voted Flatirons Golf Course the best this year, and that’s just par for the course considering they’ve won before. The City of Boulder maintains the perfectly manicured greens of this 125- acre, 18-hole course. Flatirons also has excellent practice facilities and instruction programs. You can take care of all your golfing needs at Flatirons, whether it’s getting your old clubs repaired or buying a new set in the pro shop. And with a location only a few minutes away from anywhere in Boulder, it’s perfect for that “I’ll be back in a little while” outing from work. So hit the links at this award-winning golf course, all while enjoying a pristine view of the Flatirons. Now that’s what we call a hole in one.

Way for Women to Find Their Innate Fire


2436 30th St.

Ladies, are you stressed? Do you have low energy? Is the anxiety getting to be too much to handle? No, we’re not trying to sell you medication. We’re suggesting something more fun. Head over to Conscious Burlesque for workshops guaranteed to reawaken hidden passions and explore “body, shadow, connection and more.” These workshops are designed to help women ignite their inner flame by tapping into sensuality. Surely we can all use a little more of that. Head on over and make your world a little sexier.

daniel and amamda mones of Alpine Hospital for Animals with Turtles Fiona and Franklin Susan France

Veterinarian Care


3210 Valmont Road, 303-443-9661

Second Place: Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Third Place: Arapahoe Animal Hospital

Fourth Place: Boulder Veterinary Hospital P.C.

Fifth Place: Boulder’s Natural Animal + Hospital

Write In: North Boulder Companion Animal Hospital

We here at Boulder Weekly are animal lovers. We have many frequent furry visitors to our office, from our trusty hound Bella to our feisty chiweenie Rocky. They fill our often-stressful office with some fun, joy and the occasional, “Stop licking my toes! That tickles!” But we love those dogs, and we want them to stay strong and healthy to keep us chuckling when those deadlines loom. Our readers tell us that the animal docs over at Alpine Hospital for Animals are the best choice for veterinarian care. We’ll let Bella and Rocky know where to go.

Nail Salon


3003 Walnut St., 720-484-6669

Second Place: Contempo Nails

Third Place: Boulder Nails

Fourth Place: Angel Nails

Write In: The Nail Studio Boulder

This is not your average nail salon. jlounge Natural Nail Bar and Spa offers a high-quality spa experience in an environment of relaxation designed to refresh, revitalize and re-energize, all with natural ingredients. Each treatment features a seasonal scent selection to customize your experience. We’re talking world-class pampering here, folks. No wonder our readers chose jlounge as their favorite nail salon. It’s everything Boulder could want in professional nail care in a beautiful spa setting.

Veranda Sun employee Sophie Aucoin Susan France

Tanning Salon


1670 30th St., 303-447-8844

Second Place: Aspen Tan

Third Place: At the Beach

Fourth Place: Forever Summer Tanning

We all know the sun doesn’t shine everyday, but that shouldn’t keep us from looking like it does. So whether it’s the long winter months or a busy work schedule that is preventing you from spending as much time outside as you’d like, there is a way to keep that outdoor look. Our readers tell us that Veranda Sun is the answer. It was established in 1983, making it the first tanning salon in Boulder. No wonder folks see them as the best in the city. Veranda Sun offers its clients different levels of tanning beds as well as a variety of sunless options to give your skin that great glow all year round.

Way to Hurt So Good


1655 28th St., Boulder, 303-443-5678

1631 Pace St., Suite B-11, Longmont, 303-772-8888

375 S. McCaslin Blvd., Suite A, Louisville, 720-398-9977

You know that John Mellencamp song, “Hurt So Good”? We’re pretty sure that song is about the training at 9Round Fitness. The 30-minute kickboxing-themed gym incorporates functional, cardiovascular and circuit-training regimens in a nine-station format to give you the fastest complete workout you’ve ever had. You’re gonna feel it the next day, but you know what they say: “Sometimes love don’t feel like it should/ You know it hurt so good.”

Gym/Fitness Center


1821 30th St., 303-501-1700

Second Place: RallySport

Third Place: YMCA of Boulder Valley

Fourth Place: 24 Hour Fitness

Fifth Place: Orangetheory Fitness

Write In: CrossFit Roots

Whether you’re into Pilates, indoor cycling, aquatic fitness, personal training or group classes, the Colorado Athletic Club — Boulder has you covered. Certified fitness professionals will make sure you feel comfortable and meet your fitness goals. New members get two complimentary, tailored-just-for-you personal coaching sessions to sweeten the pot. Their Active Childcare and Teen Room provides an opportunity for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years to build the foundation for lifelong enjoyment of an active lifestyle. The Energy Cafe offers healthy snacks to help you re-energize after a great workout.

Recreational Dispensary


2801 Iris Ave., 303-440-1323

Second Place: Terrapin Care Station

Third Place: Native Roots Dispensary

Fourth Place: The Green Room

Fifth Place: Karing Kind

Write In: Green Tree Medicinals

It’s a good thing to have a recreational marijuana dispensary that you trust. Not only will you be guaranteed the experience you want, but you can be sure to get quality ingredients at a good price. The Farm is our readers’ choice for best recreational dispensary because of the many resources it offers its customers. A wide selection of strains and marijuana products is married with a staff that has extensive knowledge about every item. So customers leave feeling like they’ve made the right choice. The Farm is also home to several award-winning strains, including Race Fuel Indica OG. Wowser!

Yoga Studio


1129 13th St., 303-440-8952

645 27th Way, 303-497-9642

3280 28th St., 303-440-3930

Second Place: Yoga Pod Boulder

Third Place: The Little Yoga Studio

Fourth Place: Yoga Loft Boulder

Fifth Place: Soul Tree Yoga

Write In: Raj Yoga + Meditation

There’s a certain kind of magic about yoga — it strengthens the body and the mind. But there’s science behind that magic: it increases levels of the depression-quelling chemical GABA, lowers blood pressure, increases circulation and digestion and, of course, improves flexibility. CorePower Yoga takes the magic of yoga and turns the dial up to 11. Their mission is to “work every muscle and every emotion to change your body and change your life.” With certified instructors trained in CorePower’s unique style of yoga and a wide range of classes catering to newbies and experts alike, our readers have named CorePower their favorite yoga studio for good reason.

The Dandelion Assistant Manager Michael Benton Susan France

MMJ Dispensary


845 Walnut St., 303-459-4676

Second Place: Terrapin Care Station

Third Place: Root MMC

Fourth Place: 14er Holistics

Fifth Place: Helping Hands/Bud Depot

The Dandelion offers a cozy setting for MMJ patients to pick up the highest quality medicine at the most affordable prices. Whether you need flowers, edibles, beverages, tinctures, oils, glass pipes or literature about medical marijuana products, The Dandelion has it — and more. And if you have questions about which product will work best for your medical needs, the knowledgeable staff is available to answer any and every question. Join their membership program to receive first-rate benefits, and don’t miss out on weekly deals on all sorts of merchandise.

Day Spa


900 Walnut St., 720-406-9696

Second Place: The Dragontree

Third Place: Essentiels Spa

Fourth Place: jlounge Natural Nail Bar and Spa

Fifth Place: Spavia Day Spa

Write In: Orange Poppy Spa

We don’t know who St. Julien was, but he must have been one luxurious son of a bee. Who else could singularly be summoned to encapsulate the luxurious experience at the Spa at St Julien? The day spa at the St Julien features a variety of packages and individual services that’ll have you feeling heavenly. Everything from facials, to mani-pedis, to waxing is covered at the spa, and so too is hair styling and coloring, makeup and massages. The day spa at St Julien is likely to leave you thinking that spa treatments are both an indulgence and a necessity for healthy living.

Cottonwood Kennel employees, left to right: Keri McKelvey (dog Maui), Rhonda Beitzel (dog Neah), OWNER Penny Vardell (dog Patsy) AND Corrie Griffith (dog MichaeL) Susan France

Pet Boarding


7275 Valmont Road, 303-442-2602

Second Place: Camp Bow Wow

Third Place: Arapahoe Animal Hospital

Fourth Place: Bowhaus Dog Daycare & Boarding

Fifth Place: The Dog Spot and The Cat Pad

Cottonwood Kennels is a bed and breakfast for your four-legged friends. No, really. You’ll wish you could stay. The folks at Cottonwood believe in pet-to-person connection, which is why it boasts a large staff of dedicated, pet-loving people to give your fuzzy family members the best possible home-away-from-home. Located on a small farm with a few friendly farmyard animals, your pet will be pampered with quality food, great beds, playthings and, most importantly, lots of TLC. Don’t worry if your fuzz ball has special needs; Cottonwood welcomes all pets and caters to any and every specific need. Pet parents can even call a toll-free number to check up on four-legged family members.

“Beneficial”  use of oil and gas well production water

The oil and gas industry of course has come up with its favorite uses for this highly polluted water that comes out of the ground along with hydrocarbons. And the industry’s choices are legal thanks to their friends (and former employees) at the COGCC, state legislature and governor’s office. They pour it on dirt roads and call it dust suppression, spray it on crops and call it irrigation, dump it on the ground and call it waste farming and pump it back into the ground and call it earthquakes. But our favorite use for this contaminated liquid cocktail is as a lubricant to spray on the heads of our elected officials so it will be easier for them as they continue to shove their heads up the oil and gas industry’s… wait, that’s a whole different staff pick called “best place to stick a politicians’ head.” Wouldn’t want to spoil that one.


the joint chiropractic

2525 Arapahoe Ave., Suite C2, 303-440-8019

Second Place: Apex Chiropractic

Third Place: Swan Lake Chiropractic Clinic

Fourth Place: Whole Body Balance

Fifth Place: North Boulder Chiropractic

Write In: Network Family Wellness Center

Shoulder, neck and back pain be gone. Twenty million people seek chiropractic care each year, and if you’re one of them, head on over to The Joint Chiropractic for what our readers say is the best care around. This natural, drug-free approach to wellness can get you back in line, no matter how out of whack you may be. With training in motion palpation and functional movement, Dr. Rodger is ready to help. And if you’ve never had an adjustment, walk on into this conveniently located clinic any day of the week: No appointments necessary.

Skin Care Service


2880 Folsom St., Suite 200, 303-442-6647

Second Place: Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply

Third Place: The Dragontree

Fourth Place: jlounge Natural Nail Bar and Spa

Fifth Place: IV Seasons Skin Care

Write In: The Honey Pot

Got something on your back? The doctors at Dermatology Specialists — Boulder can tell you what it is and help do whatever you want with it (within reason). Medical dermatology from acne to skin cancer treatment is covered, as well as cosmetic services from wrinkle reduction to fat eradication. There are surgeons on staff, so you can take comfort in knowing you’re in expert hands during procedures. They do all of this in a clean environment with a friendly staff that treats each client with respect.

Dance Studio


2590 Walnut St., 303-443-0028

Second Place: Alchemy of Movement

Third Place: The Avalon Ballroom

Fourth Place: Streetside Dance Studios

Fifth Place: Frequent Flyers Productions

The 17th century Pakistani poet Shah Asad Rizvi wrote, “Don’t breathe to survive; dance and feel alive.” For 35 years, Boulder Ballet has given spectators and dancers alike a breathe of fresh air — a way to dance and feel alive through classic, contemporary and theatrical ballet programs. The Boulder Ballet School makes ballet accessible to everyone, with classes for ages 3 to adult, for beginners to professionals. That means it’s never too late to join the ballet. There are even open drop-in classes held throughout the year.

Bodywork Bistro Massage Specialist Arisa Lafond discusses her massage
approach with callie france. Susan France



1100 Spruce St., 303-440-1992

Second Place: St Julien Hotel & Spa

Third Place: The Dragontree

Fourth Place: Elements Therapeutic Massage

Fifth Place: Massage Envy

Like kneading air out of dough, a massage unlocks tension from the body, giving it a vital escape route and enabling the body to soften and relax. A good masseuse is a valuable resource in many people’s lives. Our readers chose the folks at Bodywork Bistro as their favorite place to get a massage. Bodywork Bistro caters to both walk-in and appointment-only sessions, and offers chair, table and mat varieties. You can also get hot stone, deep tissue, prenatal, shiatsu and other types of massages from a licensed and experienced professional staff.



3405 Penrose Place, Suite 202,

Second Place: Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder

Third Place: Boulder Sports Acupuncture

Fourth Place: Well Woman Acupuncture

Fifth Place: The Dragontree

Write In: Red Aspen Wellness 

Acupuncture is one of the oldest practices of traditional Chinese medicine, dating back more than 2,000 years. It’s used to treat nearly everything that ales you: depression, digestive disorders, insomnia, migraines, sports injuries, sciatica and a host of health issues in between. Boulder Community Acupuncture provides effective treatment on a sliding scale so no one has to miss out on the amazing benefits of this ancient, holistic treatment. In addition to traditional acupuncture treatments, BCA offers sho-ni-shin, a needle-free way of treating infants and children for issues such as asthma, chronic earaches, bed-wetting and behavioral and emotional challenges.

Alternative Health Care


3000 Center Green Drive, Suite 210, 720- 273-3568

Second Place: Charley Cropley Naturopathic Doctor

Third Place: Whole Body Balance

Fourth Place: Chautauqua Health

Fifth Place: Helios Integrated Medicine

Conventional medicine doesn’t do it for a lot of people, and so “alternative” medicine offers an opportunity to take a more holistic approach to healing. To be honest, that doesn’t sound alternative at all, that just sounds like what all healing should consist of. Nevertheless, in the field of alternative health care, our readers think Holos Health is the best local option. Holos Health offers medicinal marijuana treatments, energy and shamanic healing, mental health counseling and life coaching and functional health checkups. They also offer budtender training courses for those interested in getting into the burgeoning field of marijuana therapy and sales.

Barber Shop


2790 Pearl St., 303-442-2279

548 W. South Boulder Road, Unit C, Lafayette, 720-890-3868

589 S. Hover St., Longmont,

Second Place: Voodoo Hair Lounge

Third Place: Al’s Barber Shop

Fourth Place: Silver & Gold
Barbers and Stylists

Fifth Place: Northside Barbers

Write In: The Brooklyn Barber Academy

When you mix music and hair what do you get? If you said “a bunch of naked people in a theater production called Hair” you’re not wrong but that’s not the answer we were looking for. When we ask our readers for their favorite barbershop they told us Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, the other correct answer to the question. We’ll let Floyd’s describe itself: “Floyd’s 99 is NOT your grandfather’s barbershop. With an old-school new-style mentality, it mixes excellent service with the new style appeal of an experienced and talented staff. From the diverse styles and personalities of our stylists/barbers, to our signature rock and roll poster wall plastered with a time machine of music memorabilia, Floyd’s 99 is a place where the music is worth turning up and where everyone can proudly let their individuality shine.” Can’t say it better than that.

Left to right: Doctors Sica, Nielsen, Dhaliwal, Murphy and Welden from North Boulder Dental Susan France

Dental Care


1001 North St., 303-447-1042

Second Place: Boulder Dental Group

Third Place: Sage Dental Care

Fourth Place: Alpine Dental Health

Fifth Place: Comfort Dental

Write In: Studio Z Dental

It’s been said that nobody likes to go to the dentist. But our readers tell us that isn’t necessarily true. They actually like paying a visit to the highly trained folks who work at North Boulder Dental. That’s because Boulder’s favorite tooth technicians strive to make sure that the routine trip to the dentist is not a physical, emotional or financial rollercoaster for patients. A policy of encouraging questions — for both staff and patients — is at the heart of the North Boulder Dental practice. So stop shaking in your boots every time that sharp tooth pain stabs into your brain. Just go visit the good folks at North Boulder Dental and make it stop. And remember, seeing them before you have pain is the best way to prevent problems in the first place.

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