Best of Boulder 2010: Fitness & Health


Charley Cropley, ND
2861 Fifth St., 303-442-6161
Runner-up: Rolf Institute Honorable Mention: Chautauqua

Caution: side effects may include dizziness, nausea, swelling,
shrinking, sweating, chills, sudden hair loss and sudden hair growth.
While most of us wouldn’t be here if not for modern medicine (thank you,
penicillin), it seems nowadays that the cure is often as bad as the
illness. For those who want to get away from lab-based living,
naturopathic physician Charley Cropley offers health solutions
that don’t come in a bottle. A practicing NP, teacher and author in the
Boulder/Denver area for the past 27 years, Dr. Cropley focuses on four
main skills: nutrition, exercise, thinking and relating with others.
Knowing what to eat — and why — is one of the most fundamental aspects
of good health. Dr. Cropley offers personal consultation, as well as
classes and workshops for people struggling with health and weight
problems. With his help, you can spend more time at the farmers’ market
than the pharmacy. Here in Boulder we also have the Rolf Institute, the
headquarters of the Rolf Structural Integration method of bodyworks,
focusing on getting the body’s connective tissue to function smoothly,
as nature intended. Doctors and physicians at Chautauqua Health offers
patients a choice of treatments, including acupuncture and traditional
Chinese herbal medicine.

The Joint 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Ste. C2, 303-440-8019
Runner-up: Swan Lake Chiropractic Health

Got a joint? Of course you
do — more than 300 of them. Don’t worry though, you’re not in danger of
being nabbed for possession. We’re talking about the joints in your
body, and more specifically the ones in your spine. While they don’t
rotate and swing like the joints in your shoulders or hips, the
connections between vertebrae are an integral part of how well you can
move. Without them we’d be as flexible as a piece of rebar. With them,
we can get ourselves loose and flexible for busting a move on the dance
floor. When there’s a problem with those joints, however, we’re not
dancing or doing much of anything else. Luckily the chiropractors at The
can get them straightened out with a simple walk-in
adjustment and keep them on an even keel with regular monthly visits.
The two Dr. Davids at Swan Lake Chiropractic Health have been popping
our parts back in place since 1979.

Alchemy of Movement
2436 30th St., 303-449-4410
Boulder Ballet
2590 Walnut St., Boulder, 303-443-0028
Runner-up: Streetside Studios Honorable Mention: Kake’s

We like to move in Boulder: running along trails, scaling walls
of rock, cycling down the road. And while watching people do these
things is wicked fun, doing them ourselves is often more fun. If you
want to get into some movement that’s not only a blast but will draw an
appreciate audience, then dance is the activity for you. True to its
name, classes at Alchemy of Movement blends a variety of movement
from hoop dance to yoga into a magical mixture of fun and invigorating
exercise. Their classes include Kundlalini and SoulSweat, a high-energy
eclectic dance experience. Owner and instructor Lucy Wallace recently
purchased the studio after first taking — and falling in love with — the
creative movement classes in 2004. If you’re more a Baryshnikov type,
then you’ll definitely want to belly up to the barre at Boulder
which tied for Best Dance Studio with Alchemy of Movement
and has been providing quality ballet training for all ages. They don’t
just focus on technical achievement (though they’ve certainly got plenty
of that) but on creative and artistic expression. Streetside Studios
focuses on hip-hop dance, but also offers an array of traditional and
modern forms of dance at drop-in classes or monthly meetings. If you’re
not sure which style of dance you’re into, you can sample everything
from flamenco and tango to salsa and belly dance at Kake’s Studio on
Pearl Street.

Essentiels Spa
2660 Canyon Blvd., 303-440-0711
Runner-up: St. Julien Hotel & Spa
Honorable Mention:
Sensorielle, Ten 20

Good health isn’t just about exercise and nutrition.
It’s also about stress relief and taking care of yourself. And sometimes
that means pampering yourself. Fortunately, some of the best spas in
all of Colorado can be found right here in Boulder County. At Essentiels
you can indulge in a thoroughly relaxing massage, a luxurious
mud mask or a professional waxing. If it’s been a particularly tough
week, try all three. In a serene and soothing setting, Essentiels beauty
experts will have you not only feeling good but looking great. You can
also take some of those good feelings home with their selection of
top-notch beauty and hair supplies. St. Julien Hotel & Spa offers
the world-weary a sanctuary in downtown Boulder with a full menu of spa
options. How about a massage with a glass of wine? Meanwhile,
Sensorielle, offers natural, organic and sustainable spa treatments for
the beautiful Boulderite in all of us. At Ten 20, sit back with some
M&Ms and watch a few episodes of Sex in the City while you
get a kickin’ pedicure and rockin’ manicure. Other services are
available as well.

Comfort Dental
3400 Arapahoe Rd., 303-444-2129
Runner-up: North Boulder Dental Group (Dr. Bob Murphy)
Mentions: Alpine Dentistry, Stephen Koral

For the metropolitan,
man-about-town Viking, nothing said fashion like leather armor, a horned
helmet and a little bit of teeth filing. According to archeologists,
Viking men had horizontal grooves filed into two or three of their front
teeth, for reasons we can only guess at. And while we hesitate (and
cringe) to call this a “beautification technique,” it’s just one more
bit of proof that good looks and a great smile go hand in hand. Luckily
for us, dental procedures are no longer a test of fortitude, but rather a
usually painless and often quick trip to our neighborhood dentist. The
folks at Comfort Dental will do their best to keep your smile
healthy — without sanding off any layers of enamel to do it. Looks like
you’ll have to find another way to prove your courage. Dr. Bob Murphy at
North Boulder Dental Group can take care of your pearly whites, too,
provided you’re not going for the Eric the Red look. Alpine Dentistry
and Dr. Stephen Koral, our runners-up, know how to take care of their
patients, too, especially the ones who aren’t sacking monasteries and
raiding Northern Europe.

24 Hour Fitness
2900 Iris Ave., 303-209-9274
Runners-up: North Boulder Rec Center, Rallysport
Mention: YMCA

Never mind the whole chain-gym thing, 24 Hour
came to occupy the space left by Albertson’s up on Iris a
few years ago and quickly established itself as Boulder’s
round-the-clock workout spot par excellence. And not a minute too soon,
since fitness-crazed Boulder really needed a good place to throw some
squats and spin some tread at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. Rallysport
has occupied that funny little corner at 29th and Bluff for years.
Pools, classes and a terrific facility have kept it a staple on the
Boulder fitness scene and high on the Best of Boulder list. Following
close behind is the North Boulder Rec Center (does any town this size in
America have better municipal fitness facilities?) and the YMCA.

Mt. Sanitas Half mile west of Fourth Street on Mapleton Avenue

Runner-up: Mesa Trail

Walking isn’t bad. After all, it gets us from one
room of your house to another, lets us peruse aisle after aisle at our
local grocery store and makes taking Fido out for a stroll an enjoyable
experience. At the end of the day, though, it’s just walking, and
walking can’t hold a candle to hiking. We’re not sure exactly what makes
hiking and walking different. Location? Terrain? Shoes? But they’re as
different as lentils and quinoa, and people in Boulder know it. They
also know that the Mt. Sanitas trail is one of the best places to
prove that walking ain’t hiking. Rated “moderate to difficult” by the
Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks, hikers here rate it “fun to
awesome.” And we’re sorry, mountain bikers, but this trail isn’t for
you. Dogs and horses are allowed — please clean up after your animals —
but no wheels here. This is a hiker’s dream, with access to other great
trails, like Dakota Ridge, Eastback Ridge and Hogback Ridge. For an easy
hike — but still not a walk — you can take Mesa Trail, which stretches
along the foothills from Chautauqua seven miles to Eldorado Springs. But
help keep our mountains beautiful by taking nothing but photos and
leaving nothing but footprints.

Mountain Golf Course & Driving Range
5877 Niwot Rd.,
Longmont, 303-530-1400
Runner-up: Flatirons
Mention: Indian Peaks

Golf isn’t for the birds, but with terms like eagle,
condor and albatross, it sure sounds that way. Shooting at par is nice —
taking just as many shots to reach the hole as the course says you
should. But how about a birdie, one below par? Not bad. And if one
birdie is good, three in a row must be great. So why not call it
something proud and majestic, like a turkey? Shoot for two below par and
you’ve gotten yourself an eagle. And while you normally wouldn’t want
an albatross around your neck, on the golf course it means you’ve shot a
smokin’ three under par. And if you can do the nearly impossible and
shoot four under par (a hole-in-one on a 5-par hole), you get to brag to
your golf buddies about your condor. But you don’t get these avian
accomplishments overnight. It takes practice, patience and a good
course. A 2,153-yard course set in a beautiful patch of Colorado
scenery. A course like Haystack Mountain Golf Course & Driving
in Niwot. With nine holes and a driving range, Haystack caters
to golfers from all levels of skill. And those who want a little help
brushing up their game can sign up in the “No Embarrassment Golf
School,” run by CJ Ebel, club maker and son of the Haystack Mountain
course owner. Named for one of the most distinctive landmarks in the
West, Flatirons Golf Course hosts 50,000 rounds of golf each year, and
Indian Peaks, named for another beautiful piece of Colorado geography,
boasts 18 holes of championship golf, along with a 4-½ star
rating from Golf Digest.

Boulder Bodyworks 4865
Riverbend Rd., Ste. 100, 303-444-2739
Runner-up: North
Boulder Pilates
Honorable Mention: Bolder Pilates

When Roman governor
Pontius Pilate presided at the trial of Jesus in the first century, he
had no idea he was making history and launching a fitness program that
would last over two millennia. That’s because he didn’t. The real man
behind the Pilates regimen of exercise, rehabilitation and fitness is
Joseph H. Pilates, born in 1883 in Germany. As far as we know the only
judgment he passed was that the soft “modern lifestyle” was to blame for
poor health. After a sickly childhood of asthma, rickets and rheumatic
fever, he washed his hands of his weakness and got pumped. He studied
bodybuilding, yoga, Zen and gymnastics, and in the 1920s began
developing his unique method of physical fitness. Nationwide there is
now an estimated 11 million Pilates practitioners and 14,000
instructors. The six Certified Pilates Instructors at Boulder
teach classes aimed at the same goals Joseph himself had
in mind: body and mind fusion, strength, coordination and
flexibility. And while Pilates is a great way to help prevent injuries,
it’s also great for recovering. Bodyworks offers therapeutic classes for
those with special requirements. North Boulder Pilates also boasts six
certified instructors to help you get – and stay – fit, and Bolder
Pilates is Boulder’s boldest choice for full-body conditioning.

Urban Pearl
Alpine Ave., Boulder, 303-544-1537
Runner-up: Floyd’s
Honorable Mention: The Parlour

We all want a good haircut.
For some, it’s a kind of Holy Grail. We’ve tried everything from the
quick, under-$20 cuts at walk-in places to the overpriced,
months-in-advance appointments at salons taking themselves way
too seriously. Now, the end of our quest is in sight. When you want an
upscale cut in a salon where everybody knows your name, you want to make
an appointment at Urban Pearl, now at their new location in
Ideal Market. Urban Pearl is the go-to salon for modern and alternative
styles in a relaxed and hip atmosphere, without any of that “bougie”
snootiness you have to stomach at some other upscale salons. And
according to owner Masyn Moyer, the five stylists fit in perfectly with
the salon’s environment — eclectic and modern. While you’re there
updating your coiffure, as some patronizing hairdresser in France might
put it, you can get a massage from their in-house masseuse or a
professional waxing to take care of the hair you can’t style. For a
quick in-andout cut for guys or a to-the-point style for the ladies,
check out Floyd’s Barbershop on the corner of 28th and Pearl. The
Parlour’s friendly and open atmosphere houses 22 talented stylists, so
you can be sure to get the look you’re after.


Vail Resort 970-476-5601,

Runner-up: Eldora
Honorable Mentions:
Winter Park/Mary Jane, Copper Mountain

Vail Resort is not
only consistently ranked as the best ski resort in Colorado, but in the
nation. So it doesn’t come as much of surprise that it’s the favorite
resort for Boulderites, as well. With more than 5,289 acres of mountain,
consistent fresh powder every season and a variety of terrain parks
that also includes a halfpipe and a superpipe, Vail Resort is a haven
for both skiers and shredders. And when you are finally ready to get off
the mountain, there are dozens of different places to get your grub on
and kick your feet up. Whether you just want some coffee and pastries
next to a fireplace or if you want to go all out and enjoy some fine
dining or something in between, you’ll be able to find a spot on the
resort. Since it’s the closest ski resort to Boulder County — just three
miles west of Nederland — Eldora is the perfect place to shred the gnar
and be home in time for dinner. The best part? You won’t find yourself
sitting on I-70. What more could you ask for? Both Winter Park/Mary Jane
and Copper Mountain, our honorable mentions this year, are also popular
with county residents. Hey, this is Colorado, right? We’ve got no
shortage of places to slide.

Avanti Skin Center
Canyon Blvd. #360, 303-440-7546
Runner-up: Sensorielle Spa

Do you know what
the largest organ in the human body is? If you read the title of this
category, then you probably guessed that it’s skin. The average adult
carries around eight pounds of it, even though we lose about 30,000
to 40,000 dead skin cells each minute. Spread out flat, it would
cover about 22 square feet. To stay healthy, you’ll want to take care of
it. Let Avanti Skin Center help you make the most of your
epidermis — and all the layers beneath. It’s an unfortunate fact that
Colorado, while being a great place to live, isn’t easy on our skin. Dry
air, windy weather and year-round sun all take their toll on our poor
hides. Fortunately, Avanti is here to help. With an array of laser
therapies, skin resurfacing and tightening procedures and corrective
facials, specialists can help treat a variety of skin conditions.
Sunspots and wrinkles and dry skin don’t have to be a part of the Rocky
Mountain lifestyle anymore. At Sensorielle, you can indulge in
luxurious, organic facials and throw in some extras while you’re there,
like a luxurious foot massage or professional waxing.

Boulder Rock Club 2829 Mapleton Ave., 303-447-2804
Runner-up: The Spot Bouldering Gym

Boulder is one of the rock
climbing centers of the universe. From Redgarden Wall in Eldorado Canyon
State Park to the Maiden and the Matron to the Flatirons themselves,
Boulder is gifted with vertical. But what happens when it snows or when
eagles decide to build a nest on The Third or when the sun goes down?
Sometimes the best rock face can be found indoors. When Boulder climbers
look for indoor vertical, they head to the Boulder Rock Club. With
more than 10,000 square feet of indoor climbing and bouldering space,
Boulder Rock Club offers new routes to redpoint on a regular basis, as
well as a myriad of classes from beginner to expert. BRC is one of the
nation’s first indoor climbing gyms and one of the world’s best,
offering a huge selection of membership options and plenty of
opportunities for the novice to get involved, too.

The Spot Bouldering Gym is
the ideal hangout for those who love to boulder with freestanding
boulders up to 18 feet high, as well as a roped climbing wall, gym
equipment and guide and instructional services.

Boulder Eyes/ Dr. Craig Beyer
1810 30th St., 303-554-5855
Runner-up: Insight Lasik
Honorable Mention: Boulder Eye Surgeons

James Bond never
had to stop and take out his contacts before diving into
sharkinfested waters to save his latest squeeze, and he never had to
worry about his glasses fogging up as he floors it through the streets
of Rio. He’s way too cool for that. If you want to be as cool as 007,
then your first step should be ditching those geeky glasses and
inconvenient contacts. (We’d also like to suggest an Aston Martin DB5
and a license to kill, but that’s your prerogative). Boulder Eyes with
Dr. Craig Beyer can have you jumping out of helicopters and rappelling
down buildings faster than you can say “Shaken, not stirred.” Well,
maybe not. But they can give you some of the best eye care in the
county, including Lasik vision correction. The surgeons at Boulder Eyes
are some of the most experienced in the field, and patients come from
all over the country to see them. Heck, even Kevin Costner came all the
way to Boulder to have Dr. Beyer perform his Lasik surgery. And It’s not
often you get to have surgery and feel like you’re part of history, at
least in a good way. Dr. Craig Beyer was on the original surgical team
that performed the world’s first laser vision correction procedure on a
human. Now you too can have this living legend work on your very own

InSight Lasik in
Boulder treats near- and farsightedness, as well as astigmatism and
Presbyopia (the condition of not being able to focus up close as you get
older, not the condition of everything looking vaugely Presbyterian).
Boulder Eye Surgeons treat all kinds of eye disease and dysfunctions and
have performed thousands of successful Lasik operations.

Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
1750 30th St., 303-938-1275
Runner-up: Boulder Quest Center
Honorable Mentions: Tran’s
Martial Arts, International Martial Arts

Easton Brazilian
offers one of the hottest forms of martial arts being
practiced today, making it a local favorite. Straight from Rio de
Janeiro, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a grappling-based sport that evolved
from Japanese judo. Owner, operator and instructor Amal Easton earned
his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt after studying at the famous Gracie
Barra Academy in Brazil, and instructors at EBJJ also teach Thai boxing
and mixed martial arts for kids and adults. So if you want to learn
discipline, or if you just want to get in shape and expand your
horizons, give Easton a call. Boulder Quest Center specializes in
To-Shin Do martial arts training, but they also offer meditation,
fitness and children’s classes as well. Tran’s Martial Arts, focusing on
Muay Thai kickboxing, and International Martial Arts, practicing
Shotokan karate, round out the list of best places to break a sweat —
and perhaps a few boards.

Massage Specialists
1640 Broadway St., 303-938-0388
Runner-up: Boulder College of Massage
Honorable Mention: St.
Julien Hotel & Spa

A stiff neck from sitting at a computer all
day. A sore back from moving furniture. Achy muscles from a fall off
your mountain bike. There are many reasons for needing a good massage
and Massage Specialists is prepared to address them all. With
services ranging from everyone’s favorite Swedish massage to the more
scientific manual lymphatic drainage, Massage Specialists will make you
feel better and help you improve your health. Assessment, treatment and
re-education services help you fix and avoid future kinks and twinges
and cut down on chronic pain. And listen up CU Buffs! When homework,
exams and parttime jobs have you tied up in knots, stop by for their
student specials. For a great deal on massages from student masseurs,
Boulder College of Massage simply cannot be beat, provided you can plan
ahead and book early. At St. Julien Hotel & Spa, a great massage is
only one part of their plan to pamper you.

Boulder Community Hospital 1100 Balsam Ave., 303-440-2273
Runner-up: Foothills Community Hospital Honorable
Mention: Boulder Medical Center

If we were all robots we
wouldn’t have to worry about getting sick. An occasional tune-up, a
quart of oil now and then, and we’d be good to go. And if we were
robots, we wouldn’t care if the service droid handling our routine
maintenance was friendly or cold, pleasant or rude. Obviously we’re not
robots. We need more than a dose of 10W-40 to keep us going and we like
to know that the doctors looking after us are human too, not coolly
efficient medi-bots who see us as nothing more than a collection of
moving parts. That’s why we go to Boulder Community Hospital, not
just to get the latest in cardiac care or to take advantage of the most
progressive maternity unit in the area, but to talk to doctors and
nurses who know our names, care about our well-being and work hard to
keep us truly healthy, not just functional. There’s more to life, after
all, than just keeping the gears turning.

Foothills Community
Hospital and Boulder Medical Center also offer top-ofthe-line care and
treatment for all of us who’d rather be treated like a one-of-a-kind
person than just another standard-issue bipedal machine.

The Farmacy 845 Walnut St., 303-459-4676
Runner-up: GrassRoots Medical Clinic

Americans generally don’t
like being told what to do. After all, that’s why we told the British to
hit the road back in 1776. So when the doctor tells us that the only
solution to our chronic pain and other health problems is to pop
pharmaceuticals full of chemicals we can’t pronounce, some of us simply
refuse. That’s what the referral service at The Farmacy understands,
and that’s why they’re at the head of a (peaceful) medical revolution.
They don’t just tell patients what to do and what to take; they listen
to what patients need. Looks like they could teach the Brits a thing or
two about diplomacy. Then maybe we’d all be drinking afternoon tea
driving on the left side of the road. GrassRoots Medical is another on
the front line of this medical revolution, a referral service that
believes in the motto, “No medication without consultation.”

High Grade Alternatives Dispensary
3370 Arapahoe Ave.,
Runners-up: The Farmacy, Boulder Kind Care

Most of our everyday
medicine comes in a pill. Maybe you can get it as a liquid, more rarely
as a shot, but that’s pretty much it. If you can’t choke down capsules,
hate the taste of liquid medicine or have a healthy fear of needles,
then you’re going to have a hard time getting better. At medical
marijuana dispensaries like High Grade Alternatives, however,
your choices aren’t nearly so limited. That’s because marijuana is one
of the most versatile medicines on the market. So if you’d rather take
your medicine in the form of a cookie, brownie or lollipop, swing by
this hotspot. High Grade Alternatives boasts not only 30 or more strains
of premium medical marijuana, but the knowledgeable staff to be able to
tell you which strains will work best for your health problems.

The Farmacy’s posh
storefront and relaxing atmosphere provide the perfect complement to
their service and selection, and Boulder Kind Care offers one of the
widest selections of medical marijuana products: ice cream, pastries,
cooking oils, salves and more, as well as the traditional smokeable

Boulder Creek Path
Boulder Canyon to 55th Street along Boulder
Runner-up: Walker Ranch Honorable Mention: Hall Ranch

Chances are you
came to Boulder for the lifestyle: outdoorsy, healthy and active.

And if you were lucky
enough to grow up here, that sort of lifestyle isn’t second nature to
you, it’s your only nature. Mountain biking is just one of the dozens of
outdoor sports — along with skiing, hiking and rock climbing — that has
made Colorado a haven for athletes, enthusiasts and weekend warriors
from all walks of life. Originally a way to enjoy ski slopes during the
summer, mountain biking goes where other cycle sports fear to tread. The
bikes range from slightly modified street bikes to full-on
terrainbusting machines. With enough suspension to put a Land Rover to
shame, mountain bikes aren’t designed to give you a cushy ride down a
garden path. They’re meant to help you blast down rock-strewn trails. A
rough ride isn’t just the norm in mountain biking, it’s the whole point:
jarring, jamming and fun. And while the Boulder Creek Path doesn’t
fit this description, at 5.5 miles long it’s scenic enough and long
enough to get you warmed up for the singletrack to be found at higher
elevations. It’s also a great start for the littlest road warriors to
earn their cycling chops.

Winding through mountain scenery, the 7.5 miles of the Walker
Ranch Loop offers a much rockier ride, and Hall Ranch just west of Lyons
offers a mix of hardcore technical stretches and easy riding trails.

Humane Society of Boulder Valley
2323 55th. St., 303-442-4030,
ext. 680
Runner-up: Alpine Hospital for Animals
Honorable Mentions:
Boulder Veterinary Hospital, Gunbarrel Veterinary Clinic

Americans own
roughly 93.6 million cats, and 22 percent of those were adopted from
animal shelters. That’s about 20 million kitties passing through shelter
doors into loving homes. As for dogs, we own about 77.5 million, and
more than 14 million of those came from shelters. That’s a lot of
spaying, neutering and vaccinating going on. With so many furry
companions to care for, it makes sense that shelters like The Humane
Society of Boulder County
would keep some pretty awesome vets on
call, not only for their feline patients, but for dogs, rabbits, ferrets
and other small animals. The shelter has five veterinarians offering
basic services like spay and neuter surgeries, as well as more
specialized services like dermatology and orthopedic help. Because
Boulder residents often embrace a more holistic approach to medicine,
the shelter even has a certified veterinary acupuncturist. Proceeds from
the clinic go to support the Humane Society’s work. Assistance is
available for low-income households.

With a 47-year history of
helping animal companions in Boulder, Alpine Hospital for Animals also
know a thing or two about caring for our furbabies, too. The Boulder
Veterinary Hospital, established in 1941, offers just about any service
your dog or cat might need, and Gunbarrel Veterinary Clinic handles
anything from the routine check-up to the extreme emergency.

CorePower Yoga 645 27th Way, 303-497-9642 3280 28th St.,
Runner-up: öm time Honorable Mention: Yoga Pod

If you’ve lived in
Boulder County for more than a year and can’t tell an asana from a
begonia, then you’re not really taking advantage of all your home
has to offer. We live in what is arguably the American mecca of yoga,
so there’s no reason for you not to get out there and take over that
mat! Show it who’s boss! Kill! OK, maybe that’s not the right attitude
for approaching yoga, but at CorePower Yoga, instructors do try
and create an invigorating environment. After all, not all yoga is about
slow breathing and relaxation. You don’t sign up for a class called
Yoga Sculpt expecting to just sit on your tush. For an even more dynamic
experience, you can try their yoga-pilates fusion for building strength
and endurance. Or try their Hot Yoga, taught in studios heated to 105
degrees, to strengthen your body and heal old injuries. At öm time you
can sign up for classes, pick up yoga supplies or just stop by for a cup
of tea and some inspiration. Yoga Pod offers classes for all levels,
from those who can get both legs behind their head without even trying,
to those who can just barely touch their toes on a good day.

Veranda Sun
1670 30th St., 303-447-8844
Runner-up: Tans To Go

With Colorado’s unpredictable weather there is
no guarantee whether the sunshine you see when you get up in the morning
will be there for you when you go outside to tan in the afternoon. But
if you can’t soak in the sun outside, head on over to Veranda Sun to
tan under the lamps at Boulder’s best tanning salon. The recently
remodeled salon is the only one in Boulder that offers 18 tanning beds
with seven different levels of tanning. Their goal is to help make
people look good and feel great, through the various services, specials
and packages they offer from sunless Mystic tanning to teeth whitening
and Solajet massage. They bring back customers because of high-quality
service and topnotch cleanliness. With customers as their number one
priority since opening in 1986, Tans To Go is a great option to give you
that sun-kissed look with a variety of beds and specials for affordable
tanning. First-timers can go to the website and print a coupon for one
free tanning session.

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