Best of East County 2016 — Retail

Carl Porter and his dog Wookie come clean at Four Paws & Co., in Longmont.

Pet Store
1225 Ken Pratt Blvd., Suite 108, Longmont, 303-485-1565
Lafayette Winner: Struttin Pup
Louisville Winner: BlackPaw
Honorable Mention: The Happy Beast (Lafayette); Divine Canine (Louisville)

Pets are precious, and the products we use to pamper our furry friends are important for their well-being. Four Paws & Co. has a huge selection of everything from shampoos and conditioners, to wet and dry premium pet foods, brushes, toys — basically everything your pet needs. The $10 self-serve dog washing station in the back of the store is unbeatable. So if you want to treat your feline or canine to top of the line service at an affordable price, Four Paws is the place to go.

Clothing — Kids
700 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, 303-772-5437
Runner Up, East County: Gymboree (Longmont)
Lafayette Winner: Sister Carmen Community Center
Honorable Mention: Just Between Friends Children’s Consignment (Longmont); The Children’s Place (Longmont)

Remember when your little one was knee high to a grasshopper? It was just yesterday, right? Kids grow up fast, and boy howdy do they seem to grow out of clothes even faster. To dress their kids in the trendiest clothes without burning a hole in their wallets, our readers go to Once Upon a Child, where they can find a collection of high quality gently used clothing, shoes, and even toys and baby gear. If you’ve got some gently used children’s clothes, sell them to Once Upon a Child so you can get your little one in some fresh duds.

600 S. Public Road, Lafayette, 303-665-5552
Longmont Winner: Longmont Florist, Inc.
Louisville Winner: Nina’s Flowers & Gifts
Niwot Winner: Niwot Florist
Honorable Mention: Gwynn’s Greenhouse & Garden Shop (Longmont)

Roses are red, violets are blue, and Lafayette Florist, Gift Shop & Garden Center has the perfect bouquet of flowers for you. A business that has been a part of the Lafayette community for more than 50 years, Lafayette Florist provides colorful arrangements for all types of occasions, everything from prom to Valentine’s Day. The store has been passed down through the founding family for three generations. Our readers chose Lafayette Florist as their go-to green thumbs, so stop by and smell the roses (or violets), along with everything else.

Jewelry Store
101 S. Public Road, Suite A, Lafayette, 303-665-5313
Longmont Winner: Snyder Jewelers
Louisville Winner: Eric Olson Master Jeweler
Niwot Winner: Niwot Jewelry & Gifts
Honorable Mention: Bella Frida (Louisville)

The story of Anspach’s Jewelry starts in 1955 in Bozeman, Montana. That’s when Glen and Dee Anspach decided to move to Lafayette and open a jewelry store. Sixty years later, Anspach’s Jewelry is still a staple in Boulder County, and it’s why our readers voted them the best. With a talented and knowledgeable staff, the store provides quality merchandise for all your jewelry needs. Glen and Dee’s legacy continues; here’s to the next 60 years.

724 Main St., Louisville, 303-604-2880
Longmont Winner: Used Book Emporium
Honorable Mention: Barbed Wire Books (Longmont); Little Horse Books & Vintage (Louisville); Off the Shelf Bookstore & Gifts (Longmont)

Don’t believe the lies. Books are not dying, and they never will. No amount of plastic, metal and circuitry can replace the fresh pages of a newly written book or classic novel. Go into any coffeeshop anywhere and you’re sure to see at least a few people reading a real-life book. And just think, you could be one of them. Whether you want to dive into the newest thriller, learn something new or get lost in the world of the latest best-selling novel, our readers say The Book Cellar in Louisville is the place to go. The friendly staff can also help you find that rare, out-of-print book you’ve been searching for or order whatever book you may want but they don’t currently have. Don’t know what your next book will be? Spend an afternoon browsing the vast collection and finding hidden gems. So put down that e-reader and pick up a book at The Book Cellar.

10550 Jake Jabs Blvd., Longmont, 303-684-2400
Runner Up, East County: Woodley’s Fine Furniture (Longmont)
Louisville Winner: The Fuzzy Antler
Honorable Mention: Fabulous Finds Upscale Consignment (Longmont); Concepts Furniture & Design (Longmont)

You may not be rolling in it, but furniture mogul Jake Jabs says that’s no reason to have a house full of furniture that once had the word “FREE” taped to it. American Furniture Warehouse has quality furniture and accessories at affordable prices and they deliver right to your door.  So wether you need a bed, sofa, table, armchair, night stand or just something to hang on the wall, our readers tell us that this is the best place to go. And maybe you’ll get lucky and catch a glimpse of one of those cute animals Jake uses in his commercials.

staff-pick-logoBest Place to Stock Up on Yarn
FINGERPLAY STUDIO 901 Front St., Suite 110, Louisville, 303-604-4374

You can do so much with yarn. You can knit a jumper or crochet a walrus. Let the threads of your mind fall out of your head and on to your needles. The right yarn can inspire a masterpiece, and so head over to Fingerplay Studio to get started on your next project. The nice folks at Fingerplay have everything needed for yarn enthusiasts to feel at home. Stop on in to find the perfect skein for you.

Little Horse Books & Vintage co-owner Mike Price
Little Horse Books & Vintage co-owner Mike Price Susan France

820 Main St., Louisville, 303-709-3897, 303-242-5382
Runner Up, East County: Red Dog Radios (Louisville)
Longmont Winner: Recycled Records
Honorable Mention: Sweetwave Audio (Nederland); Safe & Sound Auto Accessories (Longmont)

Who doesn’t love listening to the classics? At Little Horse Books & Vintage you can find thousands of vinyl records and vintage audio equipment so you can listen to the music as it was originally recorded. Unique doesn’t even begin to describe Little Horse, as it carries housewares and furniture from the mid-20th century as well as used and rare books. With a wide collection of titles, genres and styles to choose from, the selection at Little Horse appeals to audiophiles, antique enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Liquor Store
100 Superior Plaza Way, Superior, 303-499-6600
Lafayette Winner: Atlas Valley Purveyors
Longmont Winner: PJ’s Wine and Spirits
Louisville Winner: Union Jack Liquor
Honorable Mention: Twin Peaks Liquor (Longmont)

Look no further than reader favorite Superior Liquor to meet all your adult beverage needs. Whether you’re looking for something fancy, or just need to grab a quick six pack, Superior Liquor has been serving Boulder County since the turn of the millennium, and we couldn’t be more grateful. With weekly giveaways, current specials and a massive selection for your browsing pleasure, feel free to spend an afternoon getting lost in this shop — just like you do in a bookstore, only it’s more fun when you crack your purchase open at home.

Isabelle Farm in Lafayette
Isabelle Farm in Lafayette Susan France

1640 W. Baseline Road, Lafayette, 720-438-0707
Runner Up, East County: Munson Farms (Lafayette)
Erie Winner: Anderson Farms
Longmont Winner: Ollin Farms
Louisville Winner: 7th Generation Farm

Unfortunately, in this day and age, not all of us have the privilege of living off the land or growing enough food to sustain our families and friends. This is why we have local farms. They serve us when we can’t serve ourselves, give us fresh organic local produce, and spend day after day after day researching up-to-date techniques and working to provide us with the nourishment we need to survive. Growing more than 80 varieties of certified organic produce and grain, Isabelle Farm is our readers’ favorite in East Boulder County. Thanks to all the local farmers who help us feed our families.

1805 Nelson Road, Longmont, 303-772-3454
Louisville Winner: Victory Hydro Gardening
Honorable Mention: Way to Grow (Gunbarrel); Greenhouse Hydroponics (Longmont)

Hydroponics is so hot right now. Growing plants without soil? It sounds crazy, but it’s not. There are many advantages to doing so. Hydroponics is an avenue worth exploring if your green thumb is throbbing to experiment with a different way to raise plants in your home or garden. The Flower Bin Garden Center & Nursery is a great resource for all your Hydroponic needs. If you’ve never grown plants in nothing more than sand, gravel or liquid — give it a shot. The Flower Bin can help you get started.

Music Store
400 W. South Boulder Road, Suite 2400, Lafayette, 303-661-9335 (New store location after Oct. 31, 2016, at 1361 Forest Park Circle, Suite 106, Lafayette)
Longmont Winner: Guitars, Etc.
Louisville Winner: Wildwood Guitars
Honorable Mention: Larry’s Guitar Shop (Longmont); Jensen Guitar Company (Longmont)

Lafayette Music is renowned in Boulder County for its vast selection of sheet music and band instruments for rent. The knowledgeable staff works hard to make sure that students get just the right instrument to help them on their way to becoming  the next  Itzhak Perlman. The staff’s well versed on products, genres and theory and can also connect you with a list of active private teachers in the area.

staff-pick-logoCandy Shop
508 Main St., Longmont, 303-682-2639

“Come with me and you’ll be/ In a world of pure imagination/ Take a look and you’ll see/ Into your imagination.” No candy shop on earth could ever compare to the world created by Roald Dahl and the creators of the film Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory. But the owners of Scrumptious in Longmont come as close as anyone can get! Offering up bulk candy, packaged favorites and nostalgic classics, we give Scrumptious two thumbs up, and we bet Charlie would too!

Real Estate Group
512 Fourth Ave., Suite 100, Longmont 303-651-3939
225 W. South Boulder Road, Louisville, 303-666-6500
Runner Up, East County: Staufer Team Real Estate (Louisville)
Honorable Mention: 8Z Real Estate (Longmont, Louisville); Wright Kingdom Real Estate (Longmont); Coal Creek Brokers (Lafayette)

Buying a home is often regarded as one of the most important decisions in a person’s life, and our readers trust the realtors at Re/Max Alliance to help them with that decision. Whether you are in the market to sell, buy or flip a house, Re/Max realtors will work with you to find the perfect property for your needs. Re/Max’s realtors are dedicated, experienced and know the real estate business inside out. If you’re looking to make the East County your home, look no further than Re/Max to help you get settled.

Clothing — Women’s
600 S. Airport Road, Longmont, 720-340-4152
Lafayette Winner: Jax Outdoor Gear
Louisville Winner: Eleanor
Honorable Mention: Found Underground Consignment (Louisville); Maurices (Longmont)

This isn’t the first time Fabulous Finds Upscale Consignment has won our reader survey for best clothing shop for women. Re-selling some of the most popular name brands around, any shopper is sure to get lost for hours at Fabulous Finds. Whether it’s their extensive shoe section or endless selection of dresses, you won’t walk away empty handed. Plus, they donate some of the proceeds from consignment to local charities around Boulder Valley, so set your mind at ease and shop the day away at Fabulous Finds Upscale Consignment.

The Fuzzy Antler’s sales associate Mary Ann Rocker
The Fuzzy Antler’s sales associate Mary Ann Rocker

Home Furnishings
901 Front St., Suite 100, Louisville, 303-666-7864
Lafayette Winner: Curating the Cool
Longmont Winner: Woodley’s Fine Furniture
Honorable Mention: Concepts Furniture & Design (Longmont); Fabulous Finds Upscale Consignment (Longmont)

Nothing says home like furnishings. You know when you first move into a place and all your belongings are either still in boxes or outside in the truck? Doesn’t really feel like home yet, does it? Head on over to The Fuzzy Antler to find the perfect accent pillow, the ideal floor lamp, the exact buffet or the most becoming mirror. From classic pieces to trendy and even European antiques, the family-owned business provides just the thing to make your house feel even more homey.

Tobacco/Pipe Shop
620 Main St., Longmont, 303-678-7792
Louisville Winner: Havana Manor
Lafayette Winner: Smoker Friendly
Honorable Mention: High Society Smoke Shop (Longmont); Barlow’s Premium Cigars & Pipes (Lafayette)

Did your roommate break the house bong and it’s time for a replacement? Thinking about picking up a vape pen? Have you had dreams of smoking tobacco from a Gandalf pipe? If any of these thoughts sound familiar, maybe it’s time to check out The Little Dog Pipe & Tobacco in Longmont. This place specializes in those hard to find cigarettes and cigars that could be the starting point of a great conversation next time you step out for a smoke. With friendly folks behind the counter and unbeatable prices, The Little Dog is well worth the trip.

Car Wash
1414 Hecla Way, Louisville, 303-666-6696
Longmont Winner: Breeze Thru Car Wash
Honorable Mention: Main Street Car Wash (Longmont); Super Wash (Longmont)

It happens to all of us. We’re driving along, day after day, and then suddenly we realize that our car is covered in a half an inch of filth. But never fear. The lovely people over at Black Diamond Car Wash will fix that problem. But they don’t just stop at the outside of your car, they take a vacuum to the floors and seats, sucking up all those crumbs from those secret drive through snacks you’d rather not admit to. And they finish up their service with a towel dry of your car’s exterior. So you can drive on again, until the next time you notice that half-inch build up.

Shoe Store
373 Main St., Longmont, 303-776-2920
Runner Up, East County: DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse (Longmont)
Lafayette Winner: Jax Outdoor Gear
Louisville Winner: Runners Roost
Honorable Mention: Shoes & Brews (Longmont)

Some people are shoe shoppers and some people aren’t, and either way, that’s OK. But Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill shoe store. For 70 years, Brown’s has been supplying Boulder County residents with a wide variety of quality footwear that will last a long time. Brown’s carries a great selection of athletic sneakers, European comforts, work boots and beyond. Brown’s also has a pretty hefty selection of foot pain comfort aids and support cushions. So if you’re one of those folks who’d rather wear the shoe than spend an afternoon in a shoe store, this might be the shoe store that makes you reconsider your footing on the issue.

Optical Store
615 Main St., Louisville, 303-666-6320
Runner Up, East County: Front Range Eye Health Center (Louisville)
Lafayette Winner: Lafayette Eye Associates
Longmont Winner: Third Avenue Eye Care
Honorable Mention: Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado (Longmont)

If you can’t see why our readers chose Eyeworks Louisville as the best optical store in East County, maybe you need to stop in to get yourself fitted for glasses or contacts. Eyeworks can help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s reading glasses, prescription glasses or even sunglasses. From designer brands to simple frames, Eyeworks has eye wear to fit anyone’s style, personality and budget. The Eyeworks team is dedicated to both fitting you with the best lenses and making sure those frames look stylish.

Dry Cleaner
1631 Pace St., Longmont, 303-684-8585
300 E. Baseline Road, Lafayette, 303-665-2223
3335 Arapahoe Road, Erie, 720-890-8860
Runner Up, East County: John’s Cleaners & Laundry (Lafayette)
Louisville Winner: Continental Dry Cleaners
Honorable Mention: Boulder Cleaners Inc. (Louisville, Niwot, Gunbarrel); Champion Cleaners (Louisville)

Sometimes you’ve got that special outfit that needs a little special care. Take those duds to Art Cleaners and feel good about their GreenEarth Cleaning process, which is nonpolluting and uses nontoxic chemicals. Art also offers free pick up and delivery with no minimum order size (you’ve seen those spiffy green and white minivans rolling around town). Got a special day coming up fast and need express service? No worries, because Art Cleaners has a 24/7 express drop box in Lafayette — perfect for our East County readers.

342 Second Ave., Niwot, 303-652-8452
Longmont Winner: Courtyard Boulder Longmont
Louisville Winner: Courtyard Boulder Louisville
Honorable Mention: Residence Inn Marriott (Longmont, Louisville); La Quinta Inn & Suites (Louisville)

Just a short drive from Pearl Street Mall, within an hour of Estes Park and Denver, and nestled between thick rows of trees is Niwot Inn & Spa. Aside from its cozy location, the Inn has much more to offer, like its helpful staff and luxurious guest rooms, filled with amenities like flat-screen televisions, wireless internet, fireplaces and heated wooden bathroom floors. Our readers love the rustic and quaint experience offered by Niwot Inn & Spa, which is why they named it best hotel.

Savannah and Ryan Johnson, co-owners of Yore
Savannah and Ryan Johnson, co-owners of Yore Susan France

Independent Business
381 Main St., Longmont, 720-340-3381
Runner Up, East County: HJ Howard Photography (Serving Boulder County)
Lafayette Winner: TRI Vintage & Wares
Erie Winner: 24 CARROT BISTRO
Honorable Mention: Crack Pots (Longmont)

Nostalgic for simpler times? Longing for the “happy golden days of yore?” Days when home goods and clothing, gifts and decorations were minimalistic and long-lasting? That’s what led a husband-and-wife team to open up Yore in Longmont. The duo set up shop on Main Street in their effort to provide efficient, practical and sustainably made goods to meet everyday living needs. Offering a plethora of items, from locally roasted coffee to artful pillowcases, from kitchen utensils to cleaning supplies, they’ve succeeded in a big way and the community and planet are better for it. And the people have noticed. Yore is a must visit in East County.

Hardware Store
400 W. South Boulder Road, Lafayette, 303-665-4900
Erie Winner: County Line Lumber Co.
Longmont Winner: Ace Hardware
Honorable Mention: Budget Home Supply (Longmont)

Nothing feels better than supporting a local business, and Jax Ranch & Home is Colorado born and bred. The Centennial State chain opened its Lafayette store in 2010, and our readers have been loving it ever since. Jax has all your hareware needs, from hand trucks and dolleys to work lighting and power tools — and don’t forget all the nuts and bolts and nails that are essential to getting the job done. But it’s not just hardware; Jax sells gardening supplies, wood and propane stoves, kitchen and home gadgetry and so much more.

New Business
381 Main St., Longmont, 720-340-3381
Runner Up, East County: Long Mont Velo (Longmont)
Honorable Mention: Great Play of Superior (Superior); Wibby Brewing (Longmont); Pitter Patter (Louisville)

You know the economy is recovering when new businesses start popping up. Joining the party is the reader’s choice for best new business, Yore. With a growing collection of responsibly manufactured goods with practical utility, this store is a great place to pick up a few essentials like cleaning supplies and kitchen gadgets, or just browse around for something you never knew you needed but now wouldn’t know how to live without.

Natural Foods Store
555 W. South Boulder Road, Lafayette, 303-664-1902
1101 S. Hover Road, Longmont, 303-834-4124
Runner Up, East County: Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (Lafayette)
Louisville Winner: Alfalfa’s Market
Superior Winner: Whole Foods Market
Honorable Mention: Lucky’s Market (Longmont)

Sprouts Farmers Market carries quality natural food that sometimes can be hard to find elsewhere. Sprouts stocks a variety of healthy and organic food that complements the active lifestyle of many Coloradans, but you don’t have to be a health nut to shop here. Sprouts offers food that is both good for you and delicious, so it’s no wonder our reader’s named them as their natural grocer of choice.

Jax Outdoor Gear employee, Mac Gaugh displays men’s accessories.
Jax Outdoor Gear employee, Mac Gaugh displays men’s accessories. Susan France

Clothing — Men’s
900 S. Highway 287, Lafayette, 720-266-6160
Runner Up, East County: Kohl’s (Longmont, Louisville)
Honorable Mention: Old Town Outfitters (Longmont); Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply (Longmont); Marshalls (Longmont)

The sales associates at Jax Outdoor Gear can fit anyone with the gear they need, ranging from tough boots for hiking the trails to the Flatirons to comfy slippers for lounging at home. Whichever way the shoes fit, the men of East Boulder County choose to get their clothing from Jax, where they can pick from a wide selection of jackets, pants, shirts, vests and accessories. “Grown-Up And Still Having Fun!” like the storefront reads, Jax also carries attire for all types of outdoor activities and sports, such as hunting, fishing, cycling and camping, to accommodate the adventurous types.

Toy Store
180 E. Flatiron Circle Drive, Broomfield, 303-465-8005
Longmont Winner: Treasured Bears
Honorable Mention: Atomic Goblin Games (Longmont); Karliquin’s Game Knight (Gunbarrel)

Childhood toys often follow us into adulthood — teddy bears sit in chairs in guest rooms, or rocking horses get passed down to younger generations. When viewed in this light, toys are more than toys; they are bridges between generations. To find that perfect toy that will last through generations, head to Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe, where they carry a wide range of hand chosen educational and fun toys. This staple of the area has been providing quality toys for nearly 40 years, so it’s no wonder our readers say it is the best.

1716 Main St., Suite B, Longmont, 303-776-9333
Runner Up, East County: Main Street Tattoo (Longmont)
Louisville Winner: InkSmith Tattoo and Piercing
Honorable Mention: Junkyard Ink (Louisville); Electric Tattoo (Longmont)

This is definitely not the first time Tribal Rites Tattoo And Piercing has won our readers over with their exquisite body art and jewelry. Over the past 20-plus years, the artists at Tribal Rites have created thousands of unique skin pieces that will prompt a shower of compliments from your friends, coworkers and even the family member at Thanksgiving that detests all forms of body modification (or self-expression). Also on display are an array of metal, stone, bone and wood body jewelry that you won’t quite find elsewhere. So if you’ve been thinking about committing to an industrial bar or a calf tattoo, know that you’re in good hands with Tribal Rites.

Louisville Cyclery employees, left to right, Mike Balog, Michael Hanna standing, Rusty Kreutzer and Matt Onorato
Louisville Cyclery employees, left to right, Mike Balog, Michael Hanna
standing, Rusty Kreutzer and Matt Onorato Susan France

Bicycle Shop
1032 E. South Boulder Road, Louisville, 303-665-6343
Lafayette Winner: Foxtrot Wheel & Edge
Longmont Winner: Bike-n-Hike
Honorable Mention: Jax Outdoor Gear (Lafayette); Small Planet EBikes (Longmont)

Finding the right bike can be tough. Fortunately, Boulder County has some great shops to help you out and our readers tell us Louisville Cyclery is the best of the best. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and this shop boasts some of the best bike mechanics in the area. For 36 years, Louisville Cyclery has been fitting local riders to just the right bike. So if you have any two-wheel needs, this is definitely the place to go to get them filled. Ride happy. Ride safe.

Auto Detailing
1414 Hecla Way, Louisville, 303-666-6696
Longmont Winner: Breeze Thru Car Wash
Honorable Mention: Longmont Auto Detail (Longmont); Alpine Auto Detail, LLC (mobile service throughout East County); Centennial Automotive Repair (Louisville)

Got a hot date? Need to impress your boss when he decides to carpool with you on the way to a company luncheon? Want to prove to your mom that you can indeed keep one area of your life neat and tidy? Tired of your significant other asking, “What’s that smell?” every time they get in your car? Head on over to Black Diamond Car Wash to get your car detailed like it’s never been detailed before. Select from a variety of detailing packages that will leave your car spotless from the inside out without breaking your bank.

Auto Dealer — New
1005 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, 303-586-2862
1800 Industrial Circle, Longmont, 303-776-5400
Runner Up, East County: Frontier Honda (Longmont)
Honorable Mention: Longmont Ford (Longmont); Stapp Interstate Toyota (Frederick/Longmont); Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram Inc. (Longmont) 

As Tom Cochrane sings, “If life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long.” Now we’re not completely sure what he meant by those lyrics, but if you’re gonna ride that life highway all night long, then you should probably do it in a great new car. Valley Nissan/Subaru of Longmont has a large variety of cars to choose from and friendly people to help you make a choice. So go out on the open road with your new car and figure out what Tom was singing about. Then let us know.

Auto Dealer — Used
1005 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, 303-586-2862
1800 Industrial Circle, Longmont, 303-776-5400
Runner Up, East County: Frontier Honda (Longmont)
Niwot Winner: Gunbarrel Import Motors, Inc.
Honorable Mention: Sprinkler Used Cars (Longmont); King Chevrolet Buick GMC (Longmont)

Buying a car is a serious investment. You want something safe, something fuel efficient and something cool. Whether you’re buying a first car for a teenager or a new ride for yourself, Valley Nissan/Subaru of Longmont is the place to go when you’re looking for a great selection of high quality pre-owned cars. So drop by and chat with the folks at Valley Nissan/Subaru and let them get you into a car that fits your personality and your budget.

Mattress Store
48 Ken Pratt Blvd., Suite 100, Longmont, 303-774-1150
Runner Up, East County: Verlo Mattress (Longmont)
Honorable Mention: Sleep Number (Longmont)

It’s a good rule of thumb to invest in quality when it comes to buying anything that comes between you and the ground — anything like shoes, tires or mattresses. Denver Mattress is full of quality beds to get you the best night’s sleep, and they’re not just for kings and queens. The sales associates are dedicated to getting you the mattress that fits your specific needs, whether you need a mattress that is firm, soft, large or small. You spend one-third of your life asleep, why not spend it sleeping on a mattress picked out just for you?

Kitchen Supply Store
728 Main St., Louisville, 720-484-6825
Lafayette Winner: Atlas Valley Purveyors
Longmont Winner: Cheese Importers
Honorable Mention: Ace Hardware (Longmont); Jax Ranch & Home (Lafayette)

There’s something euphoric about shopping for new kitchen gadgets. The Singing Cook specializes in unique and vital kitchen whosits and whatsits that will make you the envy of all your culinary savvy friends. Bakeware, utensils, cookware, dishtowels, doohickies, thingamabobs, doodads and gizmos… you name it and The Singing Cook’s got it! Don’t forget to check out their selection of specialty foods, too.

Computer Repair
1350 Ken Pratt Blvd., Suite 4B, Longmont, 303-827-3131
Runner Up, East County: Computer Specialists of Longmont
Honorable Mention: Jim’s TV and Computer Repair (Longmont); Lance & Lisa’s Computer Repair of Longmont (Longmont); Reliance PC & Network Support (Longmont)

In today’s digital age, turning on your computer to find an error message leads to a cloud of dread settling over your head. A broken computer leads to sobbing, cursing and sometimes screaming, “Why me?” over and over. But don’t despair, Boulder County computer owners, our readers say Longmont Mac Repair is the place to go for your computer repair needs. Goodbye circuit-board clouds of dread and hello microchip sunshine.

Tire Shop
740 Highway 287 N., Lafayette, 303-248-5680
379 S. Hover Road, Longmont 303-774-9869
Runner Up, East County: Big O Tires (Longmont, Louisville)
Honorable Mention: Louisville Tire & Auto Care (Louisville); Firestone Complete Auto Care (Longmont); Peerless Tires 4 Less (Longmont)

Our readers have named Discount Tire as the best tire shop in East County, and it must have something to do with their extensive selection. In order to match customers with the tires that are right for them, Discount Tire carries a wide selection of brand-name tires and Discount Tire exclusive brands like Arazonian, Pathfinder and Road Hugger. They also offers a variety of services to keep your tires in top condition. No matter how the tires turn, Discount Tire will always be around to make sure they keep on spinning.

Clothing — Used
1349 E. South Boulder Road, Louisville, 303-666-8060
Lafayette Winner: Threads Consignments
Longmont Winner: Fabulous Finds Upscale Consignment
Honorable Mention: Found Underground Consignment (Louisville); Sister Carmen Community Center Thrift Store (Lafayette)

It’s not hard to find a thrift shop to sift through in Boulder County. But everyone knows that thrifting is a commitment that could last anywhere between an afternoon and an eternity. Finding a spot with an interesting selection that won’t hurt the trusty wallet isn’t easy. That’s why ARC Thrift Store in Louisville is a gem in the community. It has a great selection of used, recycled, secondhand and vintage treasures. Plus, ARC gives back to the community by donating proceeds to Coloradans with developmental disabilities. Did we mention that Saturday shoppers enjoy 50 percent off the majority of store items? That’s why our readers chose ARC for the best used clothing store in East County.

Auto Repair
1950 W. South Boulder Road, Lafayette, 303-666-8914
Runner Up, East County: Cooper’s Automotive (Lafayette)
Longmont Winner: Valley Nissan/Subaru of Longmont
Louisville Winner: Louisville Tire & Auto Care
Honorable Mention: Stonum Automotive (Longmont)

For 43 years, Stan’s Automotive has been a staple of the Lafayette community, offering all types of auto services, ranging from the smallest tune-up to the largest overhaul. Stan’s can replace your tires, test your emissions, change your oil and even fix major engine or transmission issues. According to their website, Stan’s strives to provide quick and affordable service to its customers, offering “customer service with a capital ‘S.’” Rave reviews from customers decorate their website, lauding the honesty and integrity of the technicians at Stan’s, so it’s no wonder our readers feel the same.

207 N. Carr Ave., Lafayette, 303-926-6801
Longmont Winner: Carpet Masters of Colorado
Honorable Mention: Family Carpet One Floor & Home (Longmont); Hunter Floor & Window Covering (Lafayette); A+ Carpet and Air Ducts (Louisville)

Carpet makes getting up on a cold morning a little easier. It makes sitting on the floor and playing with the dog a little cushier — and who doesn’t relish seeing a cat taking a nap on a nice, sunny spot on the carpet. The right carpet can add pizzazz to a room and help retain heat. And when our readers are looking for some carpet to spruce up their homes, they turn to Lafayette Flooring. The store offers installation and repair services, along with tons of other flooring options, including hardwood, tile, vinyl, cork and laminate.

Gift Store
103 Main St., Longmont, 303-772-9599
Lafayette Winner: The Purple Poppy
Louisville Winner: The Fuzzy Antler
Honorable Mention: Curating the Cool (Lafayette); Bella Frida (Louisville)

Don’t be fooled by the name. Cheese Importers sells more than cheese. This specialty foods store has all sorts of oils, spices, chocolates, plus European kitchen wares, perfumes, soaps and a unique children’s section, in addition to their imported cheese baskets and cured meats. All of which makes Cheese Importers your go-to place for presents of all shapes and sizes in East County. So grab your next gift at the people’s choice for gift store.

Grocery Store
480 U.S. 287, Lafayette, 303-604-3060
2255 Main St., Longmont, 303-772-7950
Various other locations around East County
Runner Up, East County: Sprouts Farmers Market (Lafayette, Longmont)
Honorable Mention: Lucky’s Market (Longmont); Alfalfa’s Market (Louisville); Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage(Lafayette, Longmont)

The grocery store might know us better than we know ourselves. The grocery store knows when we’ve been through a bad break up — “Bring on the ice cream!” — or when the doctor says we’ve packed on a few too many pounds — ”OK, the fruits and veggies section it is.” They know when we’re out of toothpaste and when we switch from cow’s milk to almond milk. We trust it with our secrets — the rash creams and the sugary cereals. That’s why you should go to a grocery store you trust. And for our readers, King Soopers is the best in East County.


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