Best of Boulder East County — Retail




724 Main St., Louisville, 303-604-2880

Broomfield Winner: 2nd & Charles

Longmont Winner: Barbed Wire Books

There’s a reason The Book Cellar keeps winning this award. Open since 2003, The Book Cellar has an eclectic collection of new and used books to help keep you company in these trying times. Don’t feel like facing reality? Escape to the magical world of wizards, magical beasts and Hogwarts; or educate yourself reading the Notorious Life of RBG and see what a true Supreme Court Justice should act like; spend some time in the kid’s books section, just sitting on the colorful carpet and remembering the persistence of the Little Engine that Could; you can even fight for your right to read by purchasing a banned book. If you haven’t been, go. You’ll enjoy it.

Pet Store


1125 S. Hover Road, Longmont, 303-702-9526

Erie Winner: Chuck & Don’s Pet Food & Supplies (also in Longmont)

Louisville Winner: BlackPaw

Pets need a lot of things over the course of their lives. Puppies and kittens and baby ferrets and birds and fish all need certain toys, specialty foods and medicines. Then, as they grow, the dogs and cats and grown ferrets and birds and fish will certainly need new jackets, snow booties, food, stronger toys and adult medicines. Good thing we’ve got PetSmart around here. It’s got it all — from toys and food, to grooming services and care centers. It’ll make your pets feel just as special as you know they are.

Clothing — Used


1349 E. South Boulder Road, Louisville, 303-666-8060

Lafayette and Longmont Winner: Goodwill (also in Broomfield) 

Boulder County has a fair number of used clothing stores so you know the competition is tough in this category. People want a large selection at the same time they want a place that will be easy on the wallet, and that is a perfect description of this year’s winner. ARC Thrift Store in Louisville is a gem in the community. It has tons of used, recycled, secondhand and vintage clothes, and other treasures as well. And to top it all off, ARC was created to financially support Coloradans with developmental disabilities. So buy, buy, buy. Did we mention that Saturday shoppers enjoy 50 percent off the majority of store items? They do, so you know just where to go on the weekend.

Sue France

Clothing — Men’s


900 S. Highway 287, Lafayette, 720-266-6160

Longmont and Louisville Winner: Kohl’s

Boulder County folks love being outdoors. Jax Outdoor Gear sells pretty much everything that a person can use when playing or working outside. So, it just goes to figure that since the vast majority of guys don’t venture out in the buff, Jax must also sell men’s clothing, and they do. Not only does Jax sell it, our readers tell us it has the best selection and best clothes for men anywhere in East Boulder County. From Carhartt to Patagonia and North Face, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Jax. And if you don’t see or aren’t exactly sure what you’re looking for, just ask any one of the friendly staff and they’ll fix you up right.

Computer Repair


1350 Ken Pratt Blvd., Suite 4b, Longmont, 303-827-3131

Lafayette Winner: Shawn’s Computer Repairs

Close your eyes and try to imagine a world without your Mac. We know, it’s not that hard for all you PC users out there, but hardcore Macoholics get the shakes just thinking about it. Unfortunately, there are a million hideous scenarios that can leave you Macless or at least partially so. Who wants to look at a giant colorful flower on the best monitor ever made if you shattered the dang thing in the middle of the night throwing a football to make the dog quit snoring. It happens. But worry no more Macmaniacs. Next time you find an error message laughing back at you, just give Longmont Mac Repair a call. These friendly folks will have you back up and running just in time for you to Google the exact date of the next iPhone release so you don’t miss camping out with all your fellow Macheads. Stop shaking and give Longmont Mac Repair a call.



6395 Gunpark Drive, Boulder, 303-473-4769

Louisville Winner: Victory Hydro Gardening

When Way To Grow started in 2002, the plan was simple: Provide organic and hydroponic gardeners with a premium selection of products. That simple mission eventually made Way To Grow the best hydroponic business in all of East County, according to our readers. The fine team behind Way to Grow are true experts in growing, as they leverage state-of-the-art technology, years embedded in the field and a determined passion to see people’s hydroponic projects flourish.

Toy Store


180 E. Flatiron Crossing Drive, Broomfield, 303-465-8005

Longmont Winner: HobbyTown

Maybe we can let you in on a little secret. Read this closely: Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe can be just as much fun for the adults chaperoning the toy-store excursion as it is for the kids themselves. Who doesn’t love appreciating unique toys, many of them locally made? Toys are just as much of an art as they are practical. Head into Grandrabbit’s next time a baby shower pops up on the calendar or a birthday party is around the corner. You’ll feel great when you buy something, because for 30 years they’ve been donating toys and funds to schools all over the state. Sounds like a gift that keeps on giving to us.

Gift Store


103 Main St., Longmont, 303-772-9599

Lafayette Winner: Jax Outdoor Gear

Louisville Winner: By Chance

It makes perfect sense to us that when you want to give a great gift, you go to Cheese Importers. But that’s because we love cheese. Fortunately, our readers are better informed and realize that Cheese Importers sells far more items than the name implies. You could describe this Boulder County mainstay as a foody’s fantasy when it comes to gifting. Sure, there are plenty of beautiful and unique edibles from jams and jellies to sauces to crackers and cookies from around the world. But there is also an eclectic collection of kitchen wares, from bowls and plates to vases and cups to platters, table clothes, baskets and even flowers. So, next time you want to give a really great gift that will be remembered and enjoyed, do what our readers do and stop by Cheese Importers.

Clothing — Kid’s


700 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, 303-772-5437

Louisville Winner: Pitter Patter

Broomfield Winner: The Children’s Place

One thing we all can agree on — kids grow up way too fast, especially when it comes to clothes. And while they’re turning those favorite jeans into high-water versions of their former selves minus one knee, you’re having to fork out a king’s ransom every few months for the next soon to be too small apparel collection. But don’t despair, that’s where Once Upon a Child comes in. These folks take pristine, gently pre-worn clothes and resell them at up to 70 percent off retail, so you can take in your next-to-new stuff left over from last year to help fund this season’s new-to-you clothes. Our readers tell us Once Upon a Time is good for their budget, good for the environment and good for their kids. So, what are you waiting for?

Sue France

New Business


1361 Forest Park Circle, Suite 107, Louisville, 720-449-4114

Runner Up, East County: Boulder Cupping Therapy (Gunbarrel)

AR Workshop is a boutique DIY studio that offers hands-on classes for creating custom, charming home decor from raw materials. Join an instructor-led workshop where you can make custom wood plank signs, framed signs, canvas pillows, round signs, lazy susans, centerpiece boxes, canvas tote bags and much more. AR Workshop will help you take your home decor to the next level and show you how to have fun while creating it.



500 Interlocken Blvd., Broomfield, 303-438-6600

Gunbarrel and Lafayette Winner: Hampton Inn (also in
Longmont and Louisville)

Longmont and Louisville Winner: Courtyard Marriott

Niwot Winner: Niwot Inn

Let’s start with the golf course: 27 holes at the foreground of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Then there’s the Mokara Spa, where you can treat yourself to a relaxing  getaway through massages, facials or other services. Oh, and the two outdoor heated pools right next to the whirlpool promise a whole new level of deep relaxation after the spa. With elegant meeting venues, nearly 400 guest suites and rooms and the Meritage Restaurant, it’s not hard to figure out why the Omni Hotels & Resort (Interlocken) is our readers’ first choice for a night away from home.

Mattress Store


48 Ken Pratt Blvd., Suite 100, Longmont, 303-774-1150

Runner Up, East County: Mattress Firm (Broomfield, Longmont, Superior)

There’s no overstating the importance of sleep. It’s inextricably tied to our wellbeing, our vitality, our sanity. So, treat sleep like the treasure it is. Want to know the best way to do just that? Go on over to Denver Mattress in Longmont where our readers tell us you’ll find the perfect mattress and more. Denver Mattress does things a little differently than others in the bedding industry. They manufacture mattresses in one of the top factories in the country and then distribute and sell their products in their own stores, providing full control over product quality and pricing from factory to your bedroom.

Jewelry Store


101 S. Public Road, Suite A, Lafayette, 303-665-5313

Longmont Winner: Snyder Jewelers

Louisville Winner: Eric Olson Master Jeweler

Niwot Winner: Niwot Jewelry & Gifts

Once upon a time, in 1955, Glen and Dee Anspach were sitting around, admiring a Chamber of Commerce brochure from Boulder County, and they decided to pack up all their valuables and what little money they had and move straight to Lafayette from where they were living in Bozeman, Montana, at the time. When they arrived, the community took them in and essentially crowd-funded their startup watchmaking and jewelry business now known as Anspach’s Jewelry. Fast forward more than six decades, and here we are: The Anspach’s children and nieces and nephews are still running the business, which has remained a favorite in the community since its founding.

Dry Cleaner


300 E. Baseline Road, Lafayette, 303-494-2709

1631 Pace St., Longmont, 303-684-8585

Gunbarrel and Niwot Winner: Boulder Cleaners (also in
Longmont and Louisville)

Louisville Winner: Continental Cleaners

At Art Cleaners, dry cleaning experts are standing by to clean, press, fold, hang or otherwise take care of all your clothing needs from simple dress shirts (light starch please) to wedding gowns and everything in between. Heck, even if you’re a Harley rider and that wedding dress is leather, the folks at Art Cleaners can handle it. And best of all, they’ll do it using a silicon-based GreenEarth cleaning solvent that’s easier on the environment than traditional cleaners. No wonder Art Cleaners is the first choice in dry cleaning for the Green Biker Motorcycle Club of America. Okay, there’s no such thing, but if there were, they’d love Art Cleaners as much as our readers do.

Clothing — Women’s


1211 S. Hover St., Longmont, 720-494-0400

919 W. Dillon Road, Louisville, 303-665-2200

Lafayette Winner: Jax Outdoor Gear

Kohl’s has a huge selection of women’s clothes. Just how big is it, you ask? Kohl’s is that place where every mom’s heart has skipped a beat or two when she couldn’t find one of her kids because little Suzie or Daryl decided to climb into any one of the three hundred or so round racks of hanging clothing and hide because all kids instinctively know that round clothing displays make really cool forts. On the upside, chances are that if mom just continues to shop until she drops, at some point she’ll pull the perfect skirt or blouse from a rack only to be greeted by her kid’s smiling face. And we all know such a reunion is almost as big a relief as finding our new favorite jacket on the 40 percent off rack. Winner! All kidding aside, our readers tell us that Kohl’s has the largest and best selection of women’s clothes in East County. So, grab a kid leash and have a stress-free day of shopping.

Car Wash


1213 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, 303-834-8387

2025 Main St., Longmont, 720-491-3727

Broomfield Winner: Waterway Carwash

Lafayette Winner: 95th Street Car Wash & Detail Center

Louisville Winner: Speedy Sparkle Car Wash

April 2017 marked Breeze Thru Car Wash’s 1 millionth washed car — what a feat! The family-owned business prides itself on fast, reliable service and promises a smile and a thumbs up every visit. With a commitment to local community, Breeze Thru also has a fundraising program. Need to raise money for a good cause? Breeze Thru will wash all the cars, you get 30 percent of the money. It’s a business model our voters can get behind, and they just keep going back. Next time you’re there, don’t forget to say hi to Bubbleman, the dancing Breeze Thru mascot.

Shoe Store


373 Main St., Longmont, 303-776-2920

Runner Up, East County: DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

Broomfield Winner: The Walking Company

Lafayette Winner: Jax Outdoor Gear

Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. has been sizing and shoeing people’s feet for over 100 years now. Think about it: That’s a lot of shoes and a lot of feet and, as our readers are quick to point out, a lot of happy customers. They’ve been stationed in Longmont since 1946 and now carry a wide variety of footwear that includes athletic choices, casual shoes, work boots and multiple widths of many designs. Take care of your feet; they do so much for you every day. Walk them right into Brown’s and they’ll feel your gratitude.

Staff Pick: Best Place to Grow your Vinyl Collection

Recycled Records

1067 S. Hover St., Longmont, 720-291-7000

It’s a little passé to say that vinyl is making a comeback; the comeback has been made, and those of us who prefer the high-quality, rich tones of a record on vinyl are glad for it. Because of the resurgence in vinyl, places like Recycled Records have blossomed, and we love stopping by this Longmont shop to grow our record collection, peruse record players and equipment, and chat up the friendly staff about their ever-rotating catalog of titles. They also have a super-duper, high-tech way of cleaning the records they buy, so you can always be assured quality sound when you buy at Recycled Records.

Music Store


1361 Forest Park Circle, Suite 106, Lafayette, 303-661-9335

Longmont Winner: Guitars Etc.

Louisville Winner: Wildwood Guitars

Music is a universal language. When our readers want to work on their musical fluency, they head to Lafayette Music. This beloved local music store offers lessons, instrument purchase plans, printed music, media aids and all sorts of other high-quality products that’ll get you grooving in no time. Glockenspiels, harmonicas, jaw harps, pan pipes, keyboards… Lafayette Music has what you need to build the band of your dreams.

Natural Foods Store


100 W. South Boulder Road, Lafayette, 303-926-1600

1745 N. Main St., Longmont, 303-684-8200

Runner Up, East County: Sprouts Farmers Market

Longmont Winner: Whole Foods

Here’s the thing: It actually does matter what you eat, and the fine folks at Natural Grocers want to help you. Every piece of produce you’ll find in Natural Grocers is 100 percent organic, every dairy product is 100 percent pasture-raised, all the eggs are 100 percent free range, and every piece of meat is 100 percent conscientiously and humanely raised. Really, Natural Grocers is just like a personal shopper that’s vetted everything you eat. Here, healthy is easy and natural is assured.

Real Estate Group


225 E. South Boulder Road, Louisville, 303-666-6500

512 Fourth Ave., Suite 101, Longmont, 303-651-3939

2425 Canyon Blvd., Suite 110, and 1320 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-449-7000

Runner Up, East County: WK Real Estate

Buying a home? Selling a home? Either way, give RE/MAX a call. Our readers have voted for RE/MAX as the best real estate group in East Boulder County for years now. With specialized services and custom client care, the fine folks at RE/MAX make buying and selling homes easier than you could ever imagine.

Tire Shop


740 N. Highway 287, Lafayette, 303-248-5680

379 S. Hover Road, Longmont, 303-774-9869

Louisville Winner: Big O Tires (also in Longmont)

Superior Winner: Costco Wholesale

Discount Tire’s story starts in 1960 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, when a man named Bruce Halle opened up a tire store. We’re really glad the story didn’t stop there, and that it made it’s way down to Colorado so we locals could get the good stuff too. Bruce himself credits Discount Tire’s success to the respectful, can-do attitude that cultivated the early stages of the business. Our readers couldn’t agree more. The quality of service and eager help you’ll find at Discount Tire make it the best in East County… And that’s where the rubber meets the road.

Tobacco/Pipe Shop


1006 Depot Hill Road, Suite 300, Broomfield, 303-410-2765

620 Main St., Longmont, 303-678-7792

Runner Up, East County: Public Smoke Shop (Longmont)

Louisville Winner: Havana Manor (also in Longmont)

Here’s a note on the types of products you’ll find at The Little Dog Pipe and Tobacco shop: cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, glass pipes, hookahs and shishas. Within each of those categories, you’ll find specialty and hard-to-find items curated by the expert staff running the show. The glass pipes are locally blown and the e-cigarettes are the best value on the market. So, why go anywhere else? Our readers know there is no answer to that question.

Sue France



565 E. South Boulder Road, Louisville, 720-985-4259

Longmont Winner: Tribal Rites Tattoo & Piercing

Since 2012, Inksmith Tattoo and Piercing has been the community’s go-to for tattoos and other body art expressions. Different Inksmith artists specialize in different tattoo styles — natural, geometrics, portraits, typography — that’ll ensure you get a meaningful, quality piece of body art. With unique jewelry offerings, Inksmith can help you express yourself exactly how you want.



210 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, 303-485-5939

Louisville Winner: Little Horse

In case you couldn’t discern this from the popular store’s name, our readers are reminding everyone that Best Buy is the best place to buy stereos and other electronics. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new TV, in need of wireless headphones to accompany your after-work runs, or ready to upgrade your home security system, Best Buy’s got your back. The friendly staff and electronic experts are always ready to answer your questions in the best way possible… make that “best Buy” way possible.



207 N. Carr Ave., Lafayette, 303-926-6801

Longmont Winner: Family Carpet One Floor & Home

Carpets have been all the rage since Aladdin took Jasmine on a “magic carpet ride” and showed her a whole new world. We’re not saying Disney based the concept of a mystical rug on the options at Lafayette Flooring, but we’re also not saying that they didn’t. Head on over and find out why our readers say Lafayette Flooring has the best carpets around, straight from the top manufacturers. While their floors may not fly, their array of options, friendly staff and quality products will have you feeling like Genie just granted your wish. Use your other two wishes wisely.

Hardware Store


400 W. South Boulder Road, Suite 3000, Lafayette, 303-665-4900

Longmont Winner: Ace Hardware

Louisville Winner: Home Depot (also in Broomfield and Longmont)

There’s hardware and then there’s haaaardwaaaare. Of course, Jax Ranch & Home has the screws, nuts, bolts and bulbs you need, but it also has the other stuff, the big stuff you can’t just find in any old place. Let’s say you’re walking around with a shopping list that reads: 1) horse trough 2) chain saw 3) gas powered generator that can run a small city 4) patio furniture 5) fire-fighting equipment 6) two gallons of paint 7) a box of nails 8) electric fence. Where on earth can you possibly go to get all that and so much more under one roof? Our readers know. Just swing by Jax and pick it all up. We do suggest you bring a really big truck. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, Jax can probably sell you a really big trailer to get it all home.

Bicycle Shop


1032 E. South Boulder Road, Louisville, 303-665-6343

Longmont Winner: Longmont Bicycle Company

Since 1980, Louisville Cyclery has been hooking up East County riders with bikes, cyclery accessories, services and tune-ups. Don’t know what bike to get or if it’s sized right? Head on into the store and the friendly staff is more than willing to help you out. Make sure to pet Doogal the shopdog while you’re there. Looking for some ride ideas? The staff are super knowledgeable, or you can meet up with the local velo club every Saturday morning in the spring/summer . And for all the ladies out there, check out their women-specific buyer’s guide and Velo Club Rides. Longtime co-owner Louis Adlfinger passed away July 31 of this year. Our deepest sympathies go out to her husband and co-owner, Scott, and the entire Louisville Cyclery community.

Auto Detailing


1213 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, 303-834-8387

2025 Main St., Longmont, 720-491-3727

Runner Up, East County: Longmont Auto Detail

Louisville Winner: Speedy Sparkle Car Wash

You know how great you feel after you’ve taken a shower and put on your dressiest duds? Well, take that feeling to the next level and get your car detailed. When our readers want their car to look its best, they go to Breeze Thru Car Wash for a detail. You can choose from four wash packages to meet your detailing needs. The Basic wash gets your car tidied up quick for a mere $5, but the Bubble Bath will give you the works for just $15. High pressure wash, sealer wax, underbody rinse wheel scrub, mag-chloride remover… toss in making the interior look like new and you might not recognize your own ride when Breeze is done with it. 



10550 Jake Jabs Blvd., Longmont/Firestone, 303-684-2400

Longmont Winner: Woodley’s Fine Furniture

It’s a match made in heaven. Jake Jabs, owner of American Furniture Warehouse, has a showroom the size of Pittsburg full of quality furniture and accessories at affordable prices, and you have a house full of furniture you rescued from the curb except for that cat lamp that came compliments of Aunt Louis. Seriously, American Furniture Warehouse has any and every possible piece of furniture you will ever need. Beds, sofas, tables, chairs, dressers, desks, giant-red-leather-overstuffed recliners that vibrate — it’s got a million of them in stock. So, stop sleeping on that old futon your first college roommate gave you in 1994 when he dropped out. Head on over to American Furniture Warehouse instead and buy a real bed. And who knows, maybe you’ll run into Jake. He’ll be the one petting the tiger.

Liquor Store


100 Superior Plaza Way, Superior, 303-499-6600

Lafayette Winner: Atlas Valley Purveyors

Longmont Winner: Wyatt’s Wet Goods

It’s all in the name: Superior Liquor Market is truly superior to other liquor stores in East County. Our readers love many aspects of the business, like the frequent customer loyalty program, where everyone feels like part of the family and gets to enjoy sweet perks at the same time. And Superior Liquor’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is equipped to answer any and all questions about alcohol, from absinthe to zinfandel. Open seven days a week, stop here for superior service, prices and information revolving around your favorite beverages.

Optical Store


615 Main St., Louisville, 303-666-6320

Runner Up, East County: Front Range Eye Health Center

Lafayette and Longmont Winner: Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado

You can think of Eyeworks Louisville like your friendly one-stop shop for healthy eyes, with complete eyecare offerings that include eye health exams, vision evaluations and a large selection of great looking frames. Our readers say the well-rounded Eyeworks specialists are the best at treating issues like dry eyes, diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, corneal and retinal disease, eye injury, eye infections, cataracts LASIK and PRK surgeries and so much more.

Staff Pick: Best Place to Look at Garbage

City of Longmont Waste Diversion Center

140 Martin St., Longmont, 303-651-8416

If you’re anything like us, you love to spend quality time with the family on the weekend by bundling up the kids, packing some snacks, pouring hot apple cider into a canteen and driving down to the City of Longmont Waste Diversion Center to get your trash on. Styrofoam, scrap metal, yard waste, the WaDivCen (as the cool kids call it) is the place to see all of Longmont’s hard-to-dispose materials getting disposed. You may be so inclined as to bring your own trash, but be sure to bring along a proper ID that proves you live in Longmont, otherwise you’re gonna have to take that trash back home.



1640 W. Baseline Road, Lafayette, 720-438-0707

Erie Winner: Anderson Farms

Longmont (Hygiene) Winner: Aspen Moon Farm

Isabelle Farm owners Jason and Natalie Condon have an inspiring story. They can trace their farming roots in these parts all the way back to 1859. Today, they proudly work their family-run, certified organic farm and grow more than 80 varieties of produce and grains on 500 acres in Boulder County between Longmont and Lafayette. Our readers buy the Condon’s delicious products at the on-farm Farm Stand, through Isabelle Farm’s CSA Farm Share Program, at local restaurants and in a few select grocery stores. Congrats to Jason and Natalie for being voted East County’s best. Now rise and shine and keep it coming.

Independent Business


4665 Nautilus Court South, Unit 700, Boulder (Gunbarrel), 720-499-9228

Cupping is a therapy style rooted in Chinese medicine that’s become popular lately, with celebrities and athletes posting their experiences on social media. When you receive a cupping massage treatment, heated glass cups are placed on the skin along the meridians of the body, creating a suction that stimulates the flow of energy. If you’re looking to give it a try — maybe to relieve pain or reduce inflammation or induce relaxation — our readers’ think Boulder Cupping Therapy is the best place you could possibly go. The three-person cupping team also offers focused deep tissue massage, and extensive consultations to ensure cupping is the right path for you.

Grocery Store


Various locations around Boulder County

Runner Up, East County: Sprouts Farmers Market (Lafayette, Longmont)

We think we understand why our readers chose King Soopers as their favorite grocery store. It’s really one of the few grocery shopping locations where you can get everything you could possibly need, plus fuel points. We’ve all done it, drive to one store for produce, another for meat and still another for stuff like charcoal, a turkey baster, flowers and a couple cans of oil. You can get all of that and more in one stop at King Soopers. And let’s face it, the ol’ King has added a ton of organic products in the last few years so when you get to the register, the pain is a whole lot less than it is at some specialty grocers. We humbly bow to you King Soopers, this year’s readers choice for groceries.



600 S. Public Road, Lafayette, 303-665-5552

Longmont Winner: Longmont Florist

Louisville Winner: Nina’s Flowers & Gifts

Niwot Winner: Niwot Florist

If it grows and it’s a plant, you can probably find it at Lafayette Florist, Gift Shop & Garden Center. Whether you are wanting a plant to liven up that empty corner of the room, looking for something perfect for that special occasion or trying to find a way out of the doghouse, look no further than Lafayette Florist. Our readers tell us they love the friendly staff and they can always get exactly what they were looking for, even when they go in not having a clue what they want. You don’t have to be creative, you just have to know the directions to Lafayette Florist.

Home Furnishings


1400 S. Main St., Longmont, 303-651-1015

Lafayette Winner: Flatirons Habitat for Humanity

You see, the Woodley’s are good people. And in 1979, Mike and Pat had a vision — the vision went a little like this: quality wood furniture, the beautiful kind, passed down from generation to generation. So they got to work and they built Woodley’s Fine Furniture themselves, from scratch, and it quickly became not only our readers’ favorite, but a favorite around the state. Known for their stylish, customizable designs, the Woodley’s have since opened six showrooms throughout the Rocky Mountains, spreading quality furniture into the rooms of Coloradans everywhere.

Kitchen Supply Store


728 Main St., Louisville,720-484-6825

Lafayette Winner: Jax Ranch & Home

Longmont Winner: Kitchen Company

Nestled right in downtown Louisville, The Singing Cook has not only been a longtime local favorite, but it’s also been one of our readers’ favorites for years now. Stop by the quaint shop as your local source for all your kitchen essentials. You’ll find bake ware, gadgets, utensils, cookware, dishtowels and a wide selection of specialty foods like spices and gourmet chocolates. The best part is Jenni Hlawatsch, owner and operator, will actually sing upon request, so when you go — go prepared with a song in mind.

Auto Dealer — New


1800 Industrial Circle, Longmont, 855-762-3012

Runner Up, East County: Fisher Honda Acura (East Boulder)

Broomfield Winner: Audi Flatirons

Chances are, since you’re living in Boulder County, you like to play hard, what with those beautiful mountains sitting right there in your backyard calling your name. And if you’re going to play hard, you need a car that can keep up with you. That’s why our readers go to Valley Subaru in Longmont. They’ve got an amazing selection of cars that can get you around town and up the mountain, across the country and wherever else it is you need to go. Valley Subaru has been in business for more than 30 years — can’t do that without offering great service and great cars.

Auto Dealer — Used


6025 Arapahoe Road, Boulder, 303-245-6417

Longmont Winner: Valley Subaru

At Fisher Honda Acura, the mission is simple: Treat customers with respect while providing the best vehicles at the lowest prices. That’s why our readers go to Fisher Honda Acura when they are looking for a used car, whether that’s a sleek sports car, a reliable four-door sedan, an efficient hybrid or a minivan that’ll take the whole family on that next epic road trip. Fisher is a family business, started by Bob and Madelyne Fisher in 1968 and run today by their son, Craig, and daughter, Lynn. They know you want a reliable used car, one that’s gonna get you and your family safely from point A to point B for a long time to come.

Auto Repair


1190 Griffith St., Unit 1, Louisville, 303-665-4902

Lafayette Winner: Stan’s Automotive

The mechanics at Louisville Tire and Auto Care have more than 100 years of experience between them. Maybe that’s why our readers say this is the place to take your car when it’s in need of repair. Whether your ride needs a routine inspection or a new transmission, the folks at Louisville Tire and Auto have you covered. Replace a timing belt? No worries. Worn out hoses? Don’t even sweat it. Louisville Tire and Auto can work on all makes and models of vehicles, so whether you’ve got a sleek sports car or a rugged SUV, these folks can get you back on the road in no time.


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