Unhoused: A tiny house, a big step

Masyn Moyer, vice chair of Boulder’s Housing Advisory Board, hangs out in her converted school bus.

Tiny home communities across several American cities like Detroit, Los Angeles and Portland have helped alleviate homelessness, but the idea has been slow to catch on in Colorado. The Veterans Community Project (VCP) has successfully housed and served homeless veterans in Kansas City, Missouri, by designing and building tiny home villages which partner with existing local organizations to provide wraparound services to help keep people off the streets. Now, the organization is breaking ground in Boulder County for its latest project, but are micro communities for non-vets even a possibility given neighborhood push-back and a lack of political will?   

From Boulder Weekly and KGNU, join host Emma Athena as she analyzes how COVID-19 has changed the conversation around tiny homes as a solution for the unhoused. Episode 5, “A tiny house, a big step,” is available Thursday, Nov. 3. Find it at boulderweekly.com or wherever you get your podcasts.