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Anti-South bigots

(Re: “Another reason Southern GOP women need contraception,” ICUMI, March 15.) Is everyone over at Boulder Weekly an anti-South bigot or just the anonymous hack who writes the “In Case You Missed It” section?

Gerry Lott/Lafayette

Only nine, not 43

The moment I read the title of Pamela White’s column “‘Birth control moms fight back” (Uncensored, March 8), I knew it would be still one more screed on the comments by Rush Limbaugh. Not to disappoint, she regaled me with false facts about the number of advertisers that have fled Limbaugh’s show.

The facts are these. There were only nine — count ‘em — nine advertisers who fled the show, not 43. Rush explained this in great detail on his show, but I am sure that Ms. White does not listen to the show so was ignorant of these facts. Two of those advertisers have apparently asked to return.

Limbaugh apologized for becoming what he loathes. He descended to the level of liberals with his name-calling. We are still waiting for an apology from Bill Maher for calling Sarah Palin a “c—” and a “dumb t—”. I wonder what the reaction of Ms. White would be if Maher used similar language about her, but I don’t think I would want to be standing next to Maher at the utterance of those words.

As for the subject of the furor, Ms. Fluke, how else does one describe a woman who participates in so much sexual activity that those activities threaten to bankrupt her? She reminds me of the punch line of the old joke, “We have established what you are, Madam. Now we are dickering over the price.”

Ms. Fluke claims that she needs free birth control because it costs too much. Her claim of $3,000 for three years has been debunked by a few simple phone calls to local pharmacies in her area. It turns out that birth control is about $9/ month at Target three miles from her university. That would be about $324 for three years. Is she too proud to shop at Target, drive three miles, or perhaps to simply pick up and use a telephone?

As for the “GOP war on women.”

Does Ms. White truly believe that a political party seeking to win an election would say “Let’s alienate one half of the voting public?” We shall see how the women’s vote turns out. They are not as gullible as Ms. White thinks they are.

Hopefully, after the election in November, some sanity will be restored to the nation. Not so if Obama is reelected.

Jim Peel/Longmont

Watch more TV

(Re: “How’s that pie?” ICUMI, March 15.) I’ve been kind of frustrated lately about the whole pink slime thing blowing up right now. If people would have paid attention and watched a great TV show, Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution, two years ago, they would all already know of this stuff.

In the show, he uses the remnants of a chicken to show kids how chicken nuggets are made, and if they do it with chicken, of course, they do it with beef. Now, if only people had watched that great show this would have all been discussed over a year ago, and the show wouldn’t have been cancelled. I just want to get some credit out to the original whistleblower who tried to make everyone realize this, Jaime Oliver.

Chris Ryan/via Internet

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