Letters 9/16/21


Who’s your god now?

Behind the concepts of there being an attentive God (or gods), following the Tao, or achieving Zen satori is that there is a sentient intelligence, a Higher Power in mankind, on Earth, and across the Universe, to which one may connect in order to lead an exemplary life. In today’s electronically connected world, such endeavors have largely been eclipsed by access to the Internet and the marvels held in hand on one’s Smart Phone. Another growing alternative is the rise of autocratic rulers and regimes forcefully laying down the precepts of behavior. However, there is yet little indication that true enlightenment can be attained by heeding the beckoning of one’s phone nor trusting the benevolence of the Higher Powers of government or technology. 

Robert Porath/Boulder

Ritual sacrifice

In 2020 and 2021, monotheism slid back to pagan polytheism. 

Certain politicians, libertarian philosophers and evangelical sophists, in complicity with elements of our business class, have been secretly practicing human sacrifice.  

Their sacrificial rites first took many of the elderly, and then many of the working class, including health care workers, food workers, and, more recently, teachers.  

Now the pagans have turned their blood-thirsty habit on their own children and the children of neighbors.  

The ancients asked a few willing ones to pay the ultimate price in order to obtain “mana,” or power, to extract the highest kind of return from the gods. This was often victory in battle, or political advantage over a rival.  

Today’s version of the sacrifice purchases total individual freedom bordering on anarchy for our new sect of anti-vax heathens. The sacrifice is not one or a few, but many hundreds of thousands, and is decidedly not voluntary. 

Kimball Shinkoskey/Woods Cross


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