Letters 10/8: On voting and homelessness


Hold your nose and vote

As an 82-year-old life-long progressive social-democrat (who has experienced the rule of many U.S. presidents), I strongly believe that Trump is the worst ever — worse than even Reagan and Bush Jr. Yes, our country’s so-called “democracy” has been reduced to a corrupt white- and wealth-controlled Earth-killing plutocracy for at least 60 years. This being the sad case, I still think Trump and the “military industrial complex” corporations that pull his strings are currently dispensing with whatever influence “We, the People” have remaining. So, please, listen to Professors Noam Chomsky and Cornel West, and whatever you feel about Biden (and Hickenlooper) Hold your nose and vote this November. 

John Russell/Boulder

For a National Popular Vote

The most important election in modern history is already underway. Voters like me from across the state have already started receiving their ballots or will soon. The candidates we elect at every level of government — from the president to our state legislators to our city councilors — will have a direct impact on our health care, our economy and our democracy. For us Coloradans, we also have another crucial issue on the ballot: passing Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote.

The National Popular Vote is a pretty simple idea: It would mean that the presidential candidate that wins the most votes nationwide actually wins the election. Under the National Popular Vote (NPV) Interstate Compact, states pledge to put their Electoral College votes towards the winner of the popular vote. This would be a crucial step towards honoring the principle of one person, one vote. 

Last year, the Colorado state legislature passed legislation to join the NPV Interstate Compact, but this year voters must reaffirm that decision by voting yes on Proposition 113. If you’re like me and believe that every single vote matters, then the decision should be clear. We shouldn’t have to put up with a system that disregards millions of voters anymore, and as voters we have the power to change it.

Imagine all the change we can make when each vote is counted equally. So when you fill out your ballot, I urge you to vote yes on Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote. 

Jean Dempsey/Boulder

Speak up for relief

Homelessness is a problem that deserves solving. BW’s article presents a well-rounded view of one solution, tiny homes (Re: “A tiny house, a big step,” News, Oct. 1, 2020). The affordable housing crisis is looming across the country, with a tsunami of homelessness, hunger and COVID deaths to come in January if Congress doesn’t pass a new COVID relief package.  

Once again the House has stepped forward and passed a relief bill, with Senate action uncertain. By contacting our members of Congress requesting this relief, we can help prevent a hungry and homelessness new year for millions.

Willie Dickerson/via internet

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