Letters: June 18, 2020

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Improve oil/gas regs

Amid the current public health crisis and evidence that air pollution increases vulnerability to respiratory viruses, it is now more important than ever to protect our air and water quality, public health and the environment from more fracking. Boulder County is threatened by 140 proposed fracking wells, which, if built, would contribute to worsening our already dangerous air quality, as well as accelerating climate change. Boulder County is currently in the process of updating its regulations concerning oil and gas operations, in light of the expanded authority granted by SB 19-181. The updated regulations are a starting point, but are in need of improvement  to ensure protection of public health, the environment and the climate. These regulations are no substitute for a ban on fracking. The Boulder County Commissioners should enact the strongest possible regulations, in addition to a ban on fracking, to ensure that our county is protected from the significant health risks posed by fracking, in addition to preventing the harm to society as a whole caused by the associated greenhouse gas emissions. The Commissioners declared a climate emergency last year — now, they must take the urgent action required of them.

Amy Allen/Boulder

Harber for Regent

I have known Aaron since he first interned with me at the Department of Commerce’s Office of Telecommunications, in Boulder, in the early 1970s while he was attending Princeton University. Over the years, my admiration for Aaron has only increased. He will most certainly be one of the most innovative and constructive Regents in the history of the CU. Knowledgeable, energetic, dependable, entrepreneurial and diligent are among the ways to describe Aaron Harber.

James Alleman/Professor Emeritus at University of Colorado – Boulder

Singer for Commissioner

Jonathan Singer is an example of great leadership and a role model for honest, hard-working, compassionate governance. 

In January, my daughter was arrested at the Denver State Capital for standing up for climate change. Although her charges were later dropped, she spent over 24 hours in the Denver city jail, the youngest and only high school student jailed for singing in the lobby of the capital with several other Boulder High students. Not knowing what was going to happen next, it was Representative Singer who turned an intimidating, confusing experience into one of hope and pride in our state government. 

Before ever meeting, Rep. Singer spoke on the House floor about my daughter’s arrest while raising critical questions that the next generation of young adults are facing in this challenging time. By standing up for our young citizens’ constitutional right of freedom of speech, Rep. Singer showed that he is a man of integrity, courage and leadership. Later that week, Rep. Singer welcomed us into the Capital and compassionately listened to my daughter’s story. The time he took to understand our particular situation was remarkable. His pride in our state governance gave us tremendous comfort knowing that someone at his level not only truly cared but immediately put his concerns into action.

Given his legislative experience as a Colorado House Representative, his strong environmental record and background as a social worker, Jonathan Singer would be a tremendous asset to our local governance. He has proven that he puts his words into action. 

We need solid leadership whom we can trust to stand up for issues that matter to citizens of Boulder County. Singer will do that. 

Brenda Lee/Boulder

Vote for non-establishment candidates

Please use your voice to vote for two excellent non-establishment Democrats in this year’s primary.

Andrew Romanoff is running against John Hickenlooper to be the Democrat to send Cory Gardner packing. We need a strong and progressive Democrat to represent us in D.C. Hickenlooper sued Longmont when citizens overwhelmingly voted to change our city charter to ban fracking. The climate crisis is Romanoff’s number-one issue, though he’s equally passionate about health care for all, comprehensive immigration reform, common sense gun safety and restoring integrity to our democracy. Because he’s walking the talk and not taking PAC nor special interest money, Romanoff’s being outspent by a factor of 10.

Marta Loachamin is running for County Commissioner against Jonathan Singer. I’m supporting Loachamin because she’s a woman and person of color who is highly qualified for this position. Especially now, I want to make history by electing our first Latinx person to serve in this role. This seat is currently held by Deb Gardner, who is term limited along with Elise Jones. While both Deb and Elise have endorsed Loachamin, the majority of the establishment has not. Like Romanoff, Loachamin has been outraised by a factor of 10.

Shari Malloy/Longmont


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