Letters: 8/29/19

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We are already great 


That a president of our United States of America implied this week that Jews voting Democratic are “disloyal” if they are Democrats is horrible! Are Methodists disloyal if they are Republicans? Are Catholics disloyal for voting one way or another? Jews, Catholics, Methodists and others are Americans who are already great!

And, at the same time, a president pretending to try to buy Hong Kong; oh, I mean Madagascar; oh, I mean Greenland! Why not China? LOL.

Less amusing is that Fascist killer Adolf Hitler used Jews as scapegoats in the 1940s. He blamed everything on them. After he blamed his shortcomings on the Jews, layering more and more on them as their faults, then Hitler murdered them. If our beautiful Americans, including Jewish, Presbyterian, Native American, and all our patriots of every background had not so bravely fought in World War II, what would have happened then?

Listen to me, Mr. President: America is already great! Kind Americans of every faith accept and cooperate with each other’s religions and communities to help other great Americans get through floods, fires, tragedies and wars. We all together are smart enough to instantly identify your Hitleresque emulation of Jewish prejudice. America is way above your slanted behavior. To separate out Judaism to use it as a selfish distraction from your stock market failures is despicable and not the American way.

When Wall Street graphs shot down 800 points this week with stock market graphs negatively colored a bright, scary red, you reached a new low yourself, President Trump! Grow up!

Louise Love/Boulder

Trump, bankruptcy and
a way out

When Donald Trump, as an overreaching businessman, overspent and underfunded frequently foolish enterprises, bankruptcy was the parachute that saved him from his crashing pursuits. His creditors shared in the losses. Three years now into an overreaching and underfunded presidency, his outs, and those of all America, are much more sketchy. Perhaps he is indeed “the Chosen One,” a divine revelation of just how awry excess capitalism can go.                                                                        

Robert Porath/Boulder

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