Letters: 8/16/18

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Danish mansplained harassment

This is in response to Paul Danish’s “anti-fracking” rant: (Re: “Anti-fracking initiative uses, uh, unpaid petition circulators,” Danish Plan, Aug. 2, 2018).

When this 70-year-old grandma was out on Pearl Street a few weeks ago, early evening, done with signature-gathering because she had reached her self-set daily quota, two young men, quite a bit larger than her 120-pound self, not only stepped in front of her, but bumped her from left and right, while unfurling their rather pathetic signs and shouting at people not to sign. This was confusing to bystanders, since I, the grandma, had already stopped asking for signatures. It was also disturbing for bystanders since this clearly was harassment, no matter what you are trying to mansplain to me. I dare say that you have no idea what it means, how it feels to be physically intimidated by someone taller, bigger, clearly stronger than you. You have absolutely no idea that women have to be on constant vigil.

Time’s up for men telling women when to feel secure or not, what to call harassment or not; an apology is in order.

Elizabeth Gick/Boulder

Liberal ignorance

I just had the misfortune of reading one of your articles, or better titled liberal propaganda, advertised at the end of an article received through a google search.  It amazes me that loud mouth ignorant liberals can be so blantent with their hatred towards republicans that they are always willing to lie, either verbally or your method which is quite popular with the double talking libs considering they dominate the media outlets and have produced nothing but fabrication, FAKE NEWS.

This time you actually have written that Republicans are more biased than libs when evaluating sexual orientation. You must have taken some journalism class in your life time… Please site a reference to justify your statement which you have written not to be your personal opinion but actually factual. I didn’t think so. It’s so ironic that ignorant Democrats such as yourself, not all are, accuse Republicans of being homophobic, sexual predators, racists and every other shitty thing you attach to people you don’t know just because of their political affiliation while titling us judgemental.

Your publication is not only an insult to a potential reader but to newspapers throughout the country.

Trump 2020.

Matt Pistritto/via internet

Action needed to
quiet our skies

The FAA Reauthorization Act (S. 1405), which will renew funding for the Federal Aviation Administration through 2021, is currently under consideration in the U.S. Senate. The House version passed earlier this year and, unfortunately, did not adopt any meaningful pollution regulations.

Several noise and pollution amendments have been proposed for S. 1405, along with a related bill, S. 2422 (Warren D-MA), titled “A bill to require a study on the health impacts of air traffic noise and pollution.” This bill (S. 2422) would “require the Federal Aviation Administration to enter into an arrangement with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to examine and report on the various health impacts of air traffic noise and pollution.” This research is essential for guiding long-term policy decisions, similar to the research that exposed the negative health effects caused by second-hand smoke. Not surprisingly, pro-aviation groups oppose these efforts and are urging the Senate Commerce Committee to refrain from adding amendments regulating noise.

Colorado communities, especially along the Front Range, are becoming increasingly degraded by excessive, unregulated aviation noise. Yet, we are hopeful for progress when we observe both rural and urban Coloradans taking a stand for environmental quality by demanding reasonable regulations for polluting industries.

Please join our call to action. Call U.S. Senators Bennett (303-455-7600) and Gardner (303-391-5777) today.  Tell them you are calling about FAA Reauthorization Bill S. 1405. Urge them to co-sponsor S.422 and to also support amendments that address aviation pollution. Follow-up with an email.  And remind your friends and neighbors that every Colorado citizen’s home is only one decision away from being directly under the next highway in the sky.

Kimberly Gibbs/Boulder County, Citizens for Quiet Skies